What you should know about Visa gift cards

About Visa Gift Cards

Gift cards are a technology used by retailers. They allow customers to buy things or even give money to friends and families both online and conventionally. Amongst many issuers of the gift card are Visa. They offer gift cards of two variants – physical plastic gift cards and eGift cards (digital).

Each type comes with a wide range of designs, benefits, and features. Visa gift cards can be a useful substitute for physical cash for gift giving and making a purchase in accepted stores. Visa Gift cards and issued and accepted at all merchant stores that accept Visa debit cards.

How Visa gift cards work – About Visa gift cards

Visa gift cards are loaded with a value following the purchaser’s preference. The amount loaded at the point of purchase is the maximum amount that can be spent by the purchaser while making use of the card. There are no overdrafts or card loans.

To purchase items online and at physical stores, ensure the amount you are having on your card is enough to service your bill. Should in case your balance is not enough to make payment for your purchase, inform the merchant. You might probably have to complete the payment with cash or get another card if you choose to.

Visa gift cards can be used anonymously. So, even when the purchaser’s name or identity is not spelled on the card, it can still be used to complete transactions. As far as the user signs at the back of the card and it matches that on the receipt, merchants will accept and clear transactions made using the card.

Purchasers should write down their card numbers and keep them in a safe place in the event of theft or loss of card. Append your signature at the back on the signature panel. It prevents other people from making use of your card without your consent.

about visa gift cards

How to activate your Visa gift card – About visa gift cards

Similar to debit and credit cards, gift cards are activated before use. Most Visa gift cards are activated at purchase and immediately ready to use. For some that are not activated at purchase, purchasers should find a sticker with a toll-free number and instructions on how to go about it.

Features about Visa Gift card

1. Easy to use: you pretty much only have to present the card to the merchant and sign the purchase receipt to use it. Other cards require more processes before authentication is done and payments are verified. However, some people complain that card balance is usually hard to exhaust, especially when there is only about $10 to $5 remaining.

2. Wide range of acceptability: unlike Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and a few others gift cards, Visa gift cards are not restricted to a particular store or business brand. Visa gift cards are accepted at any stores, gas station, restaurant, and agency where Visa prepaid and debit cards are accepted.

Visa cards are accepted at millions of locations within and outside the US. They are redeemed both online and at physical retail stores.

3. Security: Visa gift cards are secure in the event of theft or card misplacement. Lost or stolen cards can be replaced upon request to get back the money value left on your card. Purchasers do not have to worry about losing their funds because they can no longer find their cards.

Beneficiaries of Visa gift cards should write down their card number and keep them safe. Should in case the card gets lost, they can be replaced when the card is registered and the card number can be presented.

4. Non-reloadable: Visa gift cards can not be reloaded after exhausting the amount you got at purchase. The card is practically useless as soon as the balance thereon is used up. However, you may keep your card in case you might need to return goods for credit.

5. International acceptability: your Visa gift cards are not limited to the country you reside in. They are accepted locally and internationally across various states and countries.

As long as the store or agency accepts visa cards, your transaction will have no problem. Transactions made in other currencies will be converted based on the prevailing exchange rate. International dealings may attract an international transaction fee of 1% or more.

6. No financial statements are issues: Statements are not generated monthly, quarterly, Biannually, or annually. If need be to check your card balance, take a look at the back of the card. You should find a toll-free number you can call to discover your balance. Asides from that, you can check online by visiting the issuer’s site with your 16-digit card number, and pin.

Places where Visa gift cards are issued

The following are places where electronic Visa gift cards and physical plastic gift cards are issued:

Online: GiftCards.com and Giftcardmail are some great places to buy online.

Stores: Best stores to buy Visa gift cards include Safeway, Staples, Ahold, Giant Eagle Gift Cards, Meijer, Kroger Gift Cards, etc.

Banks: Not all banks issue Visa gift cards. Visit your bank to know if you can get a Visa gift card and what benefits are available to you.