What you should know about Netflix gift cards

About Netflix Gift Cards

Gift cards are store-value cards intended to aid cashless transactions with specific retailers and easy gift-giving. Generally, a gift card is a kind of financial card, used to store value till the money is required. The monetary value stored in gift cards can later be used to purchase goods or pay for services at locations authorized by the issuer.

Netflix Inc. is a leading American video-on-demand steaming company. They provide their video streaming services across about 190 countries. As of April 2021, Netflix had over 200 million paid subscribers, including about 74 million in the US and Canada.

They offer live streaming and downloads for various movies and TV series. To access their services, payments for subscriptions are made through various means, of which the Netflix gift card is one amongst many.

Looking for a perfect gift to give your loved one who enjoys seeing movies and series? A Netflix gift card would be the perfect gift. Netflix gift cards can be used to make payments for Netflix subscriptions. It can as well be gifted to loved ones (I.e. ownership can be transferred).

Netflix gift cards are purchased at several retail stores and online. To purchase a Netflix gift card, you can log on to netflix.com/giftcards for a list of trusted retailers that offers sale for Netflix gift cards.

About Netflix Gift Cards

about netflix gift cards

Features of a Netflix gift card | About netflix gift cards

1. Non-reloadable: Netflix gift cards can not be reloaded when the balance gets exhausted. The moment the amount loaded at purchase is used up, the card becomes useless.

2. No expiry date: Unlike regular debit cards, Netflix gift cards do not expire. No matter how long it takes, your purchase value will remain intact.

3. Non-refundable: When you applied the gift card detail to a Netflix account, you can make use of it till its balance is exhausted. However, no refund of any sort is available for payments made after purchasing a gift card.

4. Check balance: Purchasers or gift card recipients can check the balance on the gift card. This option is available at Netflix.com/redeem. After signing in with the code provided on the back of the card or the email/receipt for digital card owners, the card balance should show on your screen.

5. Digital or Physical: business owners and individuals are open to getting either the physical or digital format of the Netflix gift card. None of the digital or physical cards are inferior to each other. They pretty much perform the same functions.

Digital Gift card VS Physical Gift card | About netflix gift cards

It is amazing the extent to which people prefer the physical card to the digital card. They claim it can be carried around, and it aids physical gift-giving. However, the physical card flaws in several ways that the digital card thrives. Some area where they differ are:

  1. The digital gift card can not be stolen
  2. It is impossible to steal a digital gift card with the consent of the owner
  3. Business owners can have a digital card directed to their lucky employee, thereby evading the need for physical gifting.
  4. Purchasers can personalize digital cards to suit the recipient’s taste, making them feel loved and special.

Benefits of Netflix gift card

1. An account can use numerous Gift cards: Netflix allows their customers to use more than one gift card to complete payment for a subscription on their account. It makes it easy for gift-giving. Since multiple cards can work on one account, your recipient can enjoy the combined effect of two or more gift cards.

2. Ease of use: Redeeming your gift card on Netflix can be done by almost anybody. The steps are simple and easy to follow. To redeem a gift card on Netflix:

  1. Visit Netflix.com/redeem
  2. Find the gift card code on the back of the card. For eGift cards, the code should be on the email or receipt issued.
  3. Enter the code in the area provided
  4. Click on the redeem button
  5. Enter the email address connected to your account or open an account if you are a new user.
  6. A confirmation page should pop, and you can start streaming your favorites

3. Netflix’s popularity: Netflix has over 200 million paid subscribers across about 190 countries. This extreme popularity that Netflix portrays, makes it a perfect gift for anybody, regardless of their location or stream site preference.

There is a high probability that the person you will be gifting will find it valuable and timely. That is because almost everybody streams videos on the app regularly.

4. Card can be used even after cancellation: whether you are making use of the Netflix gift card yourself or you are giving it to a friend, the gift card remains useful even after first use. The card is not a one-off card. As soon as the user cancels the card from an account, its remaining balance can be redeemed on other Netflix accounts. However, the remaining value on the card is not convertible to cash, it can only be used to purchase a subscription.

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