Gift card to naira at the best rate in Nigeria

Trying to convert gift cards to cash in Nigeria can sometimes be hectic. This is not news to people who do so regularly.  Some of the challenges people face when trying to convert their gift cards to cash in Nigeria are; Scammers, Low conversion rate, Inability to convert some gift cards, slow feedback system, Bad websites, Late payments, etc.

Converting your gift card to cash in Nigeria just became easier? Since 2017, Giftcards Hub has helped its customers get the best rates and the best amount of cash for their gift cards.

Best Gift Card Trading Platform in Nigeria

Since its inception in 2017, Giftcards Hub has established itself as a reputable brand for the buying and selling of gift cards in Nigeria. The company’s policy is that every deal must be profitable to the customers. 

In an in-house rating done on the website, Giftcards Hub recorded a success score of 97% in speed and 99% in customer care. They scored a perfect 100% in profitability. If you want to make profits from your gift card, it is best to work with a brand like Giftcards Hub that has a track record of profitability.

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Why You Should Use Giftcards Hub

1. Fast Payment

When you want to convert your gift card to cash, you need a brand that can make quick payments. You need a brand that has a quick feedback system. If there is anything Giftcards Hub can boast about, it is the quick cash payment. 

If the payment system is slow, you are likely to become anxious and lose confidence in the brand. At Giftscard Hub, deliberate effort is made to ensure customers are rest assured in the system. 

2. High Conversion Rate

You are converting your gift cards to cash because you need the money. A higher conversion rate means more cash in your pocket. With a company policy that is geared towards helping customers make profits, Giftcards Hub is the best place to convert your gift cards. 

One of the benefits of using Giftcards Hub is more money. 

3. A Very Responsive Platform

Have you ever tried to use a website that scores low on responsiveness? If yes, you can imagine the frustration of having your money hanging on such a website. You don’t need to have such frustrating experiences again; hence, you should use Giftcards Hub

Considering the importance of the website, the brand put in resources and efforts in developing a website that can conveniently meet the needs of customers. With a sleek and aesthetic interface, you can perform transactions seamlessly on the website. 

4. Almost Perfect Feedback System

When you want to make conversions of your gift cards, you want to get quick responses. You will ask questions about the conversion rate, payment systems, etc. You want to be able to communicate on almost any platform. 

You may need to communicate over any platform, from WhatsApp to Telegram, or via the chat support on the website. Giftcards Hub gives their customers the comfort of making inquiries via the channels they prefer. With a customer care score of 99%, you will enjoy the feedback system of the brand.

5. Secure Payment Platform

Before you input your financial details on any website, you need to be assured of its security. If you have ever fallen victim to phishing websites and scammers, you will understand how important a website needs to be.

Giftcards Hub provides security for its users. They have the SSL certification on their website; hence, they have assured security for their users. This is a major benefit of using the platform.

How to Use Giftcards Hub

Step 1- Visit the website Giftcards Hub and create an account.

Step 2- Check the rates for the cards you want to convert. 

Step 3- Carry out the transaction.