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Best rates to trade your gift cards

A major constraint in gift card trading is getting the best rates to trade your cards. Gift card exchange rates vary for different trading Apps and websites across Nigeria. However, a very reliable site to get the best rates for your card funds is THE GIFT CARD HUB.

 The Gift Card Hub is a top trading site where traders can quickly and easily sell their gift cards for cash in Nigeria. With this website, you can trade different cards at very good rates with no transaction delay. Dissimilar to most gift card exchange platforms, The Gift Card Hub offers its customers 24/7 customer service to meet all requests, complaints, and feedbacks in no time. We also accept several popular gift cards like NIKE, Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Google Play, Walmart, Steam, and more.

Gift cards are electronic cards that are used to store money and settle periodic or petty expenses. On a lighter note, different people make use of gift cards for diverse purposes. Some use them as regular money cards to pay bills and offset debts. Others use them as a means of storing funds for future purposes, while some other people might even keep them to make extra profit on trading.

Usually, only retail stores and financial service providers issue gift cards. The card issuer determines where their cards are accepted for transactions. If you get a card from a friend that does not suit your present needs, there are a few other ways to maximize the funds on your card with the help of a gift card exchange site.

best rates to trade your gift card

What you can do with gift cards

In case you get a card that is of no use to you immediately, the distinguishing features of gift cards allow people to do various things with it, different from how regular debit and credit cards work. Gift cards do not bear the owner’s name or identity; thus, ownership is easily transferable from person to person. A few things that people do with gift cards are:

  1. Trade gift cards for cash: Most people do not use gift cards for this purpose. However, people who no longer have use for their gift cards do this a lot. A common problem in trading gift cards for cash is getting the best rate for specific gift cards and having trusted sources to trade them. A very reliable website to sell gift cards for cash in Nigeria is The Gift card Hub. They give customers friendly rates and swift customer service attention.
  2. Give gift cards away: From the subject “Gift card”, we can say these cards were initially meant for gifting. Since gift cards are not particular to people’s names or identities, it makes them a perfect gift for everybody. Having to choose the best gift for a friend can be tasking and time-wasting. A Gift card just makes everything very easy for the gift giver. You can easily choose the gift card that suits your recipient’s need and leave them to using it whichever way they like. For friends who enjoy playing games, an Xbox or Steam gift card would be an amazing gift. Those who prefer to shop at online and conventional stores can get a Walmart, Amazon, or Visa card as a gift. It is a win-win for all.
  3. Buy things for resale with gift cards: People also use them for buying stuff online to resell them. It pretty much works like regular debit and credit cards in this capacity. So, if you want to get some nice things to resell, gift cards are the best card for you to use. However, if your supplier does not accept your card for payment, a good exchange site is your sure getaway.
  4. Buy things to donate with their gift cards: Another way to use a gift card is to buy stuff for donation. If you cannot purchase the kind of stuff you want to donate with your gift card (maybe the website or store does not accept your card), you can swap the value for cash on The Gift Card Hub.
  5. Use gift cards to foot recurrent bills: With gift cards serving a stored value card, people usually use them to meet cyclic bills like water bills, electricity bills, gas fees, carpet service, and trash removal. However, the acceptability of your card to pay for these services is dependent on the kind of card you are holding. Not all organizations accept gift cards, especially service providers. This is no challenge at all with The Gift Card Hub. You can quickly exchange your card for cash and get your bills paid in no time.

How to sell your gift card with The Gift Card Hub

There are some easy steps to follow to start getting your gift card funds rolling in from anywhere in the world. These steps are:

  1. Visit
  2. Register yourself on the website as a new trader with a few details
  3. Choose the card you would like to sell for cash
  4. Get the exchange rate
  5. Input in your card details and enter your payment method
  6. Once your card verification is complete, your funds will roll in ASAP!