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How to buy and sell gift card in Nigeria

Sell gift card In NIgeria

Buying and selling gift cards in Nigeria has been made easier with Gift cards hub! Do you desire a platform that process gift cards payment fast and 100% secured? Gift cards hub has been rated as the platform with the fastest delivery and top-notch customer services. On gift cards hub, you have access to trade a wide array of gift card For example; Nike gift cards, eBay gift cards, Nordstorm gift cards, Amazon Gift cards, OneVannila Gift cards, XBox gift cards, Sportify gift cards, Macy’s gift cards, Gamestop gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Steam Wallet, Google Play gift cards, Apple Store gift cards, Walmart gift cards etc. Gift card hub offers you high rate, high profits, high speed and high satisfaction.

Steps to Sell your Gift Cards on Gift Card Hub

Step 1) Log in to your GiftCards Hub dashboard

Step 2) Sell your Gift cards; Once you’re logged in, input the type of gift card you want to trade and it’s category. For example, eBay gift card has (USA ebay gift card physical 100-500, USA ebay E-code 25,50,75, USA Ebay physical card 25,50,75 and USA Ebay ecode 100-200). Input the amount of the card and the rate will be automatically calculated. Click on continue trade.

sell gift card in nigeria

To trade your gift card for cash, you will be required to provide the type of gift card, the category, the amount, the image and receipt.

After you have provided the necessary details to sell your gift card, ensure you read the terms of trade to understand the laws guiding your gift cards. For example, this is the term of trade for eBay 100-500 physical gift card. After that , click on the “place order” button. Your trade will be processed immediately.

Challenges of trading gift cards

Trading gift cards in Nigeria are poised with some challenges. The effect of this over time has made it very difficult for traders both new and old to find a perfect trading platform or a trusted one.

Some Challenges Faced by traders

Scam Platforms; Due to the steady increase in demand and usage of gift cards, there has also been a rise in the number of fake trading platforms. There are certain features to look out for before releasing your gift cards details for trade. Is the platform secured? Has there been a track record of scams? Is there any unusual request from the platform (like your ATM card details)? It is important to be very cautious when exchanging on the web as there are rippers online who are just keen on burglarizing your gift gifts.

Rate issues: it is difficult to get a 100% of the gift card value when exchanging it for cash. However, an attractive worth of cash must be gotten from the exchange. It is normal to keep away from platforms with low rates so that you can make enough profit from your trade. At Gift card’s hub, you get the best rates for your gift cards.

Slow Payment; redeeming a gift card ought not to take over a moment or even less, so it is important to pay special mind to what amount of time it requires to get your cash. Along these lines, getting your payment on a decent trade stage ought not to require over five minutes most extreme. Once your payment is taking so much time to reflect, this can be an issue. On Gift card’s hub, your payments are processed instantly.

Customer relation; One major challenge traders face is slow or no response from the trading platform. There are times when asking questions will be unavoidable either about the trade or about the usage of the platform. When there is no response, it becomes very annoying and discouraging.