how to sell nordstrom gift cards in nigeria

How to Sell Nordstrom Gift cards in Nigeria

How to Sell Nordstrom Gift Cards in Nigeria

About Nordstrom Gift cards

Nordstrom is an American store that deals with varieties of fashion and household items. Nordstrom deals with footwear, fragrance, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Nordstrom gift cards are available physically and as e-codes. Nordstrom is considered one of the most luxurious outlets for wear in America. The gift card can be redeemed at its physical location (Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores) or online sites like, Nordstrom, etc.

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Sell Nordstorm Gift cards

According to Market watch, over $1 Billion gift cards remain un-spent. This is mostly because the recipient of the gift card does not need them. Do you have a Nordstrom gift card you want to sell? Gift cards hub is the best platform to sell your Nordstrom gift card. Trading gift card on Nordstrom is easy and fast. Once you carry out your trade and your card is processed, you get paid immediately.

Nordstrom gift card has different categories; USA Nordstrom physical 400-500, USA Nordstrom physical 50-99, USA Nordstrom e-code 101-500, etc.

how to sell nordstrom gift cards in nigeria

Simple steps to sell your Nordstrom Gift Cards on Gift Cards hub

Step 1 ) log in to your Gift cards hub account. Register If you are a new user.

How to sell nordstrom gift cards in Nigeria

Step 2 ) Sell your Gift Card; after logging in, select Nordstrom gift card and the category of Nordstrom gift card you want to trade. After you input the amount, your gift card amount will be calculated immediately.  

To place your order, select Nordstrom gift card, the category, and the amount. You will also be required to upload the image of your gift card or receipt to complete your trade. After reading the term of trade, click on place order

Read the term of trade for the gift card you are about to exchange. The image below is the term of trade for USA Nordstrom physical card 400-500. Click on place order to complete your trade.

Why trade your gift card with Gift Cards Hub

Since 2017, Gift cards hub has been in the business of excellent delivery for gift cards trade. We are recognized for high rates, high satisfaction, high profit, and high speed. We are passionate about your experience with us that is why we have a 24/7 team to respond to all your trade, not leaving out our very responsive website and juicy rates

  • Round the clock trade; On Gift cards hub, there is no specific time to trade. You can carry out your trade at any time of the day. Once you submit your gift card, it will be processed immediately.
  • Up-tight security; at gift cards hub, we don’t joke with your information. That is why we have ensured that necessary firewalls are built around your details to avoid exposure to scammers or fraudsters. Our website is guarded with Secure socket layer and other advanced security tools.
  • Customer-friendly; At gift cards hub, we prioritize our customers. That is why we work around the clock to ensure that all your questions are promptly attended to.
  • High rates; this is one of the top features of gift card hub. Our rates are the best in the market. We ensure that you smile after every transaction with us. You can check the rate calculator to see our rates

How to sell nordstrom gift cards in Nigeria