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How to buy Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and other gift cards.

How to buy Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and other gift cards.

Giving gift cards has been popular over the years because of the wide function and benefit gift cards offer. Gift cards save the issues of having to worry about the perfect gift to buy or the fear of spending beyond budget ( You tend to spend beyond budget in a physical store). The beauty of gift cards also, is that you can get a gift card for almost any category of gift you want to present. For example, if you want to present a sportsman or athlete wear, you will consider getting them a Nike gift card. If you want to get a female friend a gift, you will want to consider getting her a Sephora gift card. If you want to gift a gamer, you will consider getting an Xbox gift card, etc.

Aside from gifting, gift cards also serve as a store of value. Say you have excess cash you want to keep somewhere, you can store them in form of purchasing gift cards. Since the value of gift cards change (Increases and decreases), You can target the increase period then convert it for cash. Most gift cards do not expire. They can keep your funds as long as you want

Furthermore, Gift cards are available in 2 forms. The physical gift cards and the digital gift cards (e-Codes). Physical gift cards are similar to regular debit cards. They can be used to purchase at the physical store of the issuer or online. The Digital gift card can’t be used this way. They are mostly bought online and sent to the email of the recipient.

The digital gift card has some advantages over the physical gift card;

  1. Easy Acess; the digital gift card is readily accessible. Once you make an order for it, it is sent to your email almost immediately.
  2. Saves time; digital gift cards save the time of having to go to a physical store to get the conventional gift card or time spent in delivering it. Digital gift card is 100% time-saving
  3. Safe keep; One of the downsides of physical gift cards is that they are easy to get missing. Carrying it around exposes it to the risk of slipping off or been stolen. Some physical gift card are also tampered at the physical store where they are bought. Digital gift cards on the other hand are safe once delivered to your email.
  4. Economical: on the part of the issuer, digital gift cards are much preferable because they save production costs. The cost of ink, cost of plastic, cost of printing, etc are all excluded.

How to buy Gift cards on Gift Cards Hub;

Step 1 ) Log in to your Gift card hub account

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Step 2 ) Buy Gift Card; once you are logged in, select “buy card” and chose the gift card you want to buy and the amount in USD. The rate calculator will automatically calculate the amount. Click on “Continue to trade”

Select your gift card and the amount. Click make online payment.

Gift cards you can buy on Gift card Hub

  • iTunes Gift card
  • Sephora Gift card
  • Amazon Gift Card
    eBay Gift Card
  • Spotify Gift Card
  • Nike Gift Card
  • Nordstrom Gift Card
  • Vanilla Gift Card
  • Wallmart Gift Card