How to sell Nike gift cards to Naira

Sell Nike gift cards to Naira

Gift cards are essentially money cards that can be used to make payments for goods and services at physical stores and online platforms. The actual reason for the advent of gift cards was to create an alternative for regular gift-giving. Instead of thinking of the perfect gift to buy on your daughter’s birthday, a cousin’s graduation, or while paying a visit to your family friend on thanksgiving, gift cards help you fill in for such situations.

Gift cards are issued by retail stores, banks, and eCommerce platforms across various countries. Popular stores and multinationals that offer gift cards are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, iTunes, Steam, Sephora, Nordstrom, Visa, and Nike. Speaking of various types of gift cards – Nike gift cards are one of the most common gift cards and one of the most profitable gift cards when traded. They don’t have numerous subdivisions compared to that of Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

Nike gift cards

Nike gift cards are issued by Nike Retail Services, Inc. Headquartered in Oregon. Nike is one of the most renowned sports brands in the production and sale of world-class footwear, sports equipment, apparel, and accessories. They issue gift cards to encourage gift-giving, customer patronage and increase their sales in the long run. You can redeem Nike gift cards at all Nike and Converse conventional retail stores in the US, Puerto Rico, and online platforms.

Nike gift cards are preloaded in various denominations and can all be used to get stuff off all Nike and Converse stores. Assuming you are want to give a gift to an athlete or someone who likes nice footwear. You don’t want to go asking them what color or shoe type they would like to have. A Nike gift card would be the perfect gift to give them. You also don’t want to hand cash to them outright because it might feel inappropriate, or they might use it to get things other than what you want for them. Nike gift cards help the gift giver avoid the stress of choosing that exact perfect gift, while the recipient also gets the chance to participate in choosing their gift(s) themselves.

Why should I sell my Nike gift card?

Not everybody holding a Nike gift card wants to buy footwear or any of those fashion stuff. Some people just got it as a gift and have no use for it. It also follows that most of these people might have use for the cash on the gift card, but not just for buying fashion products. Probably you have one and plan to use it sometime later, but there is a pressing need for cash, and all that is left is that Nike gift card.

How do you sell it for cash? How fast can you sell it for cash? Where is the best place to sell gift cards for cash in Nigeria? All these questions mumbling in your head? Follow closely as we learn how to sell Nike gift cards for cash in Nigeria. There are various platforms where you can sell gift cards for naira, but the best of them offer services that make gift card trading look like ABC. To sell your Nike gift card for cash in Nigeria, the Gift Card Hub is the best platform for you to choose.

Trade Nike gift card for Naira

In a few easy steps, you can get started on selling your first Nike gift card with The Gift Card Hub. Besides Nike gift cards, there are other gift cards that you can also sell for instant cash in Nigeria. How to do this?

  • Visit
  • Create an account: Start trading by creating an account with The Gift Card Hub. The registration does not take long at all. You would only have to provide your email, phone number, and choose a username and password. Agree with the terms and conditions, click “create account”, and your account will be up and running immediately.
sell nike gift cards in naira
  • Check out the gift card calculator: If you are new to gift card trading and you want to check how much you can get for your Nike gift card, there is a gift card calculator on the Dashboard that can do that for you. Simply select Nike gift cards, the balance on the card you want to sell, and you will see how much you will get for your card in Naira.
  • Trade NOW: After creating your account and using the gift card calculator, click on “continue to Trade Card” below the page to place your order. Select the Nike gift card, the amount you want to sell, and you will see the calculated amount. Upload an image of the card you want to sell and read the terms and conditions there.
  • Bank details: You would also have to upload your bank details where you will like to receive money. Put in your account number and bank name, confirm the account name, then add account.
  • If all these are done correctly, your money would get to you in no time based on the terms and conditions earlier stated.