Can I reload my Sephora Gift Card?

Can I reload my Sephora Gift Card?

The very first thing that may come to most minds when Sephora is heard is Beauty. In actual fact, Sephora comes from the Greek Spelling of Zipporah, wife of Prophet Moses in the Bible.

The company was founded in Limoges in 1970 and is currently based in Paris. The founder was a Frenchman called Dominique Mandonnaud, he began the trial-before-purchase except which is now popular among similar beauty  retail businesses across the world.

Sephora is actually now named as the no.1 specialty beauty retailer in the world and obviously it could not only have been resting on the platform of over-hyping and excess undeserved rating, its success today was no doubt achieved through top-notch digital Customer Service which is interactive and multi-purpose at the same time.

Ranging from make-up, oh, lots of make-up, moisturizers, skin care products, cosmetics in all. Sephora has never failed in satisfying their customers’ needs, even if the prices may go above our budgets at times, we find ourselves definitely thinking them worth the price, in quality and everything-in-between.

To even achieve an even greater feat of providing their customers the best, the Sephora Gift Card came up. The Sephora Gift Card is a prepaid card like most gift cards, that can be used to purchase and  make payment for merchandise online at their website, and the Sephora Mobile App.  Furthermore, it could be used to make payments for goods bought at Sephora retail stores.

For any makeup enthusiast, beauty fanatic, or just a present for an occasion e.g Christmases, graduations, name it. A Sephora Gift Card is a great choice for a present for all ages.

Can I reload my Sephora Gift Card?
Can I reload my Sephora Gift Card?

Can a Sephora Gift Card be reloaded? – Can I reload my Sephora Gift Card?

It is imperative to know that your Sephora Gift Card cannot be reloaded. Once the value initially stored in the Gift Card is finished or depleted to zero, the Sephora Gift Card is rendered invalid immediately.

Fortunately, the statement mentioned last

might apply solely to online Sephora Gift Cards, it should  be noted that a plastic Sephora gift card may be reloaded at a Sephora Retail Store by the cashier.

Here are other things you should know about your Sephora Gift Card:

Balance Checking:

It could be embarrassing at stores when your gift card is being read and then declined while trying to make a payment.

To avoid this, it is paramount you know the correct way to check a balance after every purchase made. Read and follow the steps below thoroughly:

  • Make a phone call to Sephora Customer Service at 1-888-860-7897. This is one of the most direct methods to check your gift card balance.
  • If you however do not really prefer making a call, you have another option of checking online:
    • Visit Sephora’s official website
    • Input all the required details in the fields specified for them.
    • Enter your 16-digit number in the first box.
    • In the next box, input your 4-digit PIN.
    • Then click on the “Check Gift Card Balance”, your balance will then be shown to you.

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