How Much is a $100 eBay Gift Card in Naira?

$100 eBay Gift Card in Naira

$100 eBay Gift Card in Naira: Owning an eBay gift card is like having a ticket to any of your favorite shows; there is a feeling of ecstasy that comes with the ability to purchase any item you want without the cash constraint. However, in places like Nigeria where eBay gift cards are unusable, the feeling is different. Some Nigerians receive gift cards from friends and acquaintances in the diaspora that end up almost useless to them. In today’s world, businesses have come up with solutions to make gift cards useful to Nigerians. The solution they provide is the ability for owners to sell their gift cards for Naira.

Since gift card trading became a thing in Nigeria, literally tens of gift card exchanging platforms in Nigeria have popped up. All of them offer different gift card rates today.

In this article, we will review how much is the $100 eBay card in Nigeria today. The emphasis in this article is on Giftcardhub’s rate. Going through the rates available for eBay gift cards on Giftcardhub, you notice the differences based on the category.

100 eBay Gift Card in Naira

How Much is the eBay Card in Naira?

Here are the rates of the N350/$1 for physical cards between $100-$500. eBay eCode gift cards between $100-$200 are for N320/$1. Based on this information available to us, the $100 eBay gift card is sold for N35,000 (physical) and N32,000 (eCode) on Giftcardhub.

Reviewing other similar platforms such as Cardtonic, Prestmit, and GiftcardstoNaira, we can determine within what range the eBay gift card is in Nigerian money.

On Prestmit, the eBay gift card is N330/$1 for $100 gift cards which means the $100 gift card goes for N33,000. Cardtonic offers N33500 for the $100 eBay gift card indicating a rate of N335/$1. Giftcardstonaira gives N30000 for the $100 eBay gift card at a rate of N300/$1. Analyzing these numbers, we see that the eBay gift card has a fairly high rate compared with other gift cards with Giftcardhub offering the best rate.

Note that these rates are very changeable; there are external factors that determine these rates. Demand and supply rates are huge factors in determining these rates; the exchange rate is also a factor.

These rates here indicate that if you want to sell your gift card, you are better off selling it on Giftcardhub. The policy at Giftcardhub is to make every client feel like a winner when they are done trading.

Why Use GiftcardHub?

Everybody wants to have a good experience whenever they do something. Bad experiences are termed “bad” because they leave you feeling bad. In the past, many customers had their fair share of bad experiences especially when trading their gift cards. Even today, the issues customers face range from slow response time to incomplete payments. Poor feedback systems; and low exchange rates are part of the issues. In some cases, customers lose more than 60% of the actual worth of the gift card. Giftcardhub was established to create good experiences for customers by eliminating all these hassles in the gift card trading experience.

These are some of the ways we achieve this goal of providing a nice experience for our users.

– Excellent Gift Card Rate: What is the best way to provide a great experience for customers? It is by giving them a nice return on their cards. It is a driving force in how we do our business at Giftcardhub. The feeling of having customers leave nice reviews and feedback because of our rates is a feeling of accomplishment. Due to our rates, there is a shift happening in the gift card trading scene as more exchanges try to match up with us.

You can check through our rates here and make a comparison with other exchanges.

– We have a secure platform: Being a victim of a cyberattack that deals with your bank account are a painful thing. Nobody wants to go through that pain. According to one cybersecurity expert, “Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes, and the designer tries to close them”. We ensure that our platform is not the hole in your system. Our security architecture is of top priority; we also carry regular upgrades of our security plugins to ensure our customers are kept safe constantly.

– Our customer service is top-notch: Have you been in a situation where you made a transaction with a gift card exchange, and there was no response for hours. You tried to chat with the customer representative, and there was no response. Situations like this can be extremely frustrating. At Giftcardhub, our customer service delivery is top-notch; we will ensure a quick response to your complaints.

Do you want to trade your gift cards? eBay, Sephora, Amazon, Google Play, and other gift cards have the best rates on Giftcardhub. Giftcardhub also offers an awesome trading experience for its customers.

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