100 Razar Gold gift card in Naira

How much is a $100 Razar Gold gift card in Naira?

100 Razar Gold gift card in Naira

100 Razar Gold gift card in Naira: Razer is more than just the worlds leading brand in high-end precision gaming products, perpetually defining the gaming technology space. Razer is driven by the ceaseless pursuit for absolute precision and heuristics in a distinctive, aesthetic design that will give gamers the edge they demand. With labs and offices in seven cities around the world, Razer dedicates user-interface research and development to bring cutting-edge technology to every product. 

Razer Gold gift card is a payment option for games and gaming services, backed by Razer. Get access to over 3000 games and entertainment apps, plus exclusive deals when you pay with Razer Gold! Plus, for every purchase you make with Gold, you’ll earn rewards points called Razer Silver that can be redeemed for Razer gear, gift cards, game keys, and more. Visit gold.razer.com to see all the benefits and ways you can use Razer Gold.

100 Razar Gold gift card in Naira

How much is $100 RazarGold gift card in Naira:

Two types of Razar gift cards that can be exchanged for cash are the RazarGold USA and the RazarGold E-code.

A $100 RazorGold USA gift card is worth N42,000. This means the exchange rate is N420/$. While RazorGold E-code gift card is worth N37,000 the exchange rate is N370/$. All this data is according to Giftcardshub, one of the best exchange platforms in Nigeria.

Giftcardshub don’t only trade RazarGold gift, they trade varieties of gift cards below is a list of few of them and their respective exchange rate:

  • USA Sephora physical ($400-$500) – N350/$
  • USA Sephora physical ($100-$300) – N340/$
  • USA Sephora physical ($50-$100)  – N300/$
  • USA Sephora E-code ($101-$500) – N290/$
  • USA Sephora E-code ($50 – $100) – N270/$
  • USA iTunes physical ($100 only) – N350/$
  • USA iTunes physical ($200-$300) – N340/$
  • USA iTunes physical ( $ 50, 75, 125, 150) – N300/$
  • USA iTunes physical ( $25) – N280/$
  • USA iTunes E-code ($100) – N330/$
  • UK iTunes physical ($50-$200) – N300/$
  • Australia iTunes ($50-$200) – N160/$
  • Canada iTunes physical ($100) – N180/$
  • Germany iTunes physical ($50-$500) – N280/$

Other gift cards are accepted on giftcardshub, you can visit either the web or app to check different gift card rates and trade gift cards.

Why Trade with Giftcardshub

At Giftcardshub we have invested in making research on what yields the highest satisfaction for our customers. Apart from the innovative design of both our website and mobile app, we have discovered important issues associated with dealing with gift card companies in Nigeria. We have discovered that not only the satisfaction associated with the ease of transacting on the platform but the customers also appreciate having access to the best rate in the market. Due to this incredible information, Giftcardshub has invented in getting the best rate possible in the market and we have been able to deliver on this. We can categorically say we have the best rate in the exchange market.

At Giftcardshub we have 24-hour standby customer service where you receive assistance within seconds. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. There is customer service that helps customers navigate our website to assist them in the trading process or the process of setting up their accounts.

Giftcardhub is a legit merchant that deals with all kinds of gift cards ( iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, eBay card, google play card, steam wallet,  Sephora, Nordstorm and many more ). They are known for their prompt payment, high trade rate, reliability and prompt customer service. They have been mentioned in a few reputable newspapers like The Sun due to their encouraging positive review. Trade with Giftcardhub to enjoy a high-profit margin and confirmed security on your funds.

How to Redeem RazarGold Gift card 

1. Visit gold.razer.com and sign in to your Razer Gold account.

2. Click on [Reload Now] and select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method.

3. Input the PIN and click Next

4. Complete the 2-step authentication.

5. Start spending your Razer Gold and earn Razer Silver

Here is how to inquire about the available balance in your Razer wallet:

1- Log in to your account

2- Click on your account icon on the home page

3- The balance available for Razer Gold and Razer Silver will appear

Here’s how to top up your favourite games with Razer Gold Credit:

1- Log in to your account for the game you want to buy or purchase special additions for it

2- Select Razer Gold as the payment method and you will be directed to your Razer account page

3- Enter the information for your account

4- Review your order and confirm the payment with your Razer Gold Credit

How to recharge your PUBG account using Razer Gold cards:

1- Visit the PUBG Shipping website.

2- Enter your Player ID.

3- Select the wrenches category or the items you wish to charge.

4- Choose the method of payment using your Razer Gold card number, or your Razer Gold wallet

5- Log in to your Razer account

6- Complete the payment process, and you will receive the benefits of PUBG on your account immediately