eBay gift card in Naira

Sell eBay Instantly for Cash in Nigeria

Sell eBay Instantly for Cash in Nigeria

Sell eBay Instantly for Cash: From this post, you will be able to convert your eBay gift card to cash in Nigeria. If you own an eBay gift card in Nigeria, there is a high likelihood of it being useless to you. Most gift cards denominated in Dollars are usable in the US only; this is the case with the eBay gift card. However, with the aid of Giftcardhub, people can easily convert their eBay gift cards to cash. There are close to 300 types of gift cards that can be converted into cash on Giftcardhub. These include all forms of the eBay gift card.

Before we get started on converting your eBay gift card to cash in Nigeria, let us take a sneak peek into eBay.

eBay: Who They Are, What They Do

Sell eBay Instantly for Cash

eBay before Amazon was known as the world’s largest online marketplace. It is an online e-commerce platform that facilitates business-to-consumer (B2C) sales and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sales. Almost every form of consumer product except food items is on sale on eBay. Customers can also buy refurbished products as the eBay platform allow users to auction items.

eBay is based in San Jose, California; the company was founded in 1995 and today operates in 32 countries. In the past, they offered money transfer services through PayPal which was a subsidiary of eBay. The company initially started as an auction website known as AuctionWeb in 1995. By 1997, there was a change of name to eBay.

  • eBay Gift Cards

With the increasing usage of gift cards and vouchers, eBay gift cards are one of the most common gift cards in the world. They have become one of the best items to gift people. It is because you can get different products on eBay. The eBay gift card is redeemable only on eBay; however, in Nigeria and Ghana, the card is redeemable for cash on platforms like Giftcardhub and other platforms.

Here are some of the features of the gift card

– You cannot get the redemption code back if it goes missing; eBay urges its customers to treat it like cash.

– eBay gift cards can only purchase products from eBay.com and nowhere else.

– You can only make use of the eBay gift card when you have a registered eBay account.

– You cannot use more than $1000 worth of gift cards on a single transaction from eBay.

– You cannot use more than four gift cards on a single purchase.

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How to Sell your eBay gift Card on GiftcardHub

Step 1: Create an Account

– To create an account on GiftcardHub, visit the website(https://giftcardshub.com.ng/) or download the Android app.

– On the desktop webpage, click on Trade Now, which leads you to the sign-up page.

– On the sign-up page, input your details and your password and click on Create Account. If you have an account, click on Sign in Instead.

– In the signing up process, you have to verify your email.

Step 2: Sell Gift card

– After signing up or signing in, it leads straight to your dashboard.

– On your dashboard, click on Continue to Trade Card.

– Provide the information on the card you want to sell. In this case, you want to sell an eBay gift card.

– Fill in the details of the eBay gift card in the field provided.

– Drop the image of the gift card in the field provided.

– Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Place Order.

Step 3: Payment

– After you have placed your order, you have to wait for the card to be verified.

– The verification of the card takes a short period, and you will be credited.

– The amount will be credited to your GiftcardHub wallet.

– From the wallet, you can make the transfer to your bank account.

GiftCardHub: The Best Platform for Selling Your Gift Cards

Are you tired of looking around for a gift card trading platform? Then you should try out Giftcardhub (link). In one of our reviews, this is what the user said: “You know how you’ve dated various men before finding the one? Lmfao, that’s exactly my case with Gift Cards Hub. I finally found the one lol. Thank God.”

Trading gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana can be extremely displeasing due to the challenges users face. From dishonest exchanges to slow response times, to terrible rates, users are always faced with these problems. Generally, poor service delivery is a factor that has plagued customers of gift card trading platforms in Nigeria. GiftcardHub has come to revolutionize the business by delivering optimal service to its clients.

Users can now enjoy trading their gift cards at rates that will profit them. Unlike past times where customers had to settle for less than half of the card’s original value, GiftcardHub offers rates that are ranked as one of the highest in the country.

Being ripped off by gift card exchanges was something customers had to deal with in the past; however, GiftcardHub ensures the story on their platform is different. When customers are not satisfied with the service delivery, they can always reach us on [email protected] to leave their feedback.