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Platform with the highest rate to trade gift card

highest rate to trade gift card: Gift card trading in Nigeria dates back to about 5 to 10 years ago. However, the need to trade gift cards grows more and more in western Africa due to poor economic standards and the incessant need to hold money.

In Nigeria, most people trade gift cards either because they have no use for them or they are in dire need of the money in some other capacities. Whichever the case, traders must be well aware of the landmines and safe havens for selling gift cards to naira.

Before we delve into what rates are the best or what platforms offer the best rates, traders should first know what gift cards are and why they are traded.

What are gift cards?

Gift cards are electronic cards that are only accepted at sites and stores where the card issuer has allowed them. They are usually issued by retail stores, banks, and financial service solutions. In comparison to regular debit and credit cards, they are similar and dissimilar in several ways.

Common gift cards traded in Nigeria are Amazon, Walmart, Nordstrom, Sephora, Xbox, Steam, Google Play, Nike, One vanilla, eBay, and iTunes gift cards. If you are looking to trade one of these popular gift cards for naira on the best gift platforms in Nigeria, this post is for you!

Similarities between gift cards are other electronic cards

Gift cards can be used to make payments for goods and services both conventionally and online like other electronic cards. Upon the holder’s request, they are issued, activated, and deactivated by the card issuer. Just like debit cards, the card must have an amount loaded in before the holder can use it to make a purchase or pay for service.

Dissimilarities between gift cards and other electronic cards

Most gift cards are non-reloadable (i.e., the card becomes useless once the balance is exhausted). The idea behind using gift cards is to replace traditional gift-giving. For example, some gift cards are customized to suit occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduation, staff promotion, and more. So, a father could decide to buy the children gift cards instead of regular gifts like shoes, clothes, popsicles, bags, and bicycles.

The fact that gift cards make a good gift substitute is a feature that makes it unique. It removes the stress of “what color is best?”, “what size will be fitted?”, “which brand or designer will the recipient like?”, and more. The answer to all these questions is simply purchasing the right gift card from a store and sending it to the recipient.

What should I look out for in my gift card trading platform?

highest rate to trade gift card
  1. The rates: Different trading platforms have their different rates and the best ones offer the most encouraging rates. The gift card hub for example allows traders to trade at direct Chinese rates, which is the best anyone can get in Nigeria. Some other platforms trade as a third party and this makes their rates unfavorable for gift card traders.
  2. Security: The security of your personal and financial information is pivotal when trading gift cards. Be sure that the website or app is SSL certified before inputting your card details. How to know this is that there should be a padlock on the web browser interface beside where you enter the website URL.
  3. Speed of transaction: Great trading websites are known for quick reception and payment of funds. This is key to trading considering the delicacy and chain of some transactions.
  4. Reviews: Good reviews precedes the best trading platforms. So, look out for reviews before setting out to trade on a site.
  5. Availability of 24/7 customer service: Quick response to demands and feedbacks for traders must be apt in any good trading platform. They must respond immediately as we do there.

Gift card trading platforms with the highest rate to trade gift card


Having a platform that allows you to trade gift cards in Nigeria is awesome. However, many platforms have left a sour taste in the mouth of clients. Giftcardhub came up as a gamechanger in the business of gift card business in Nigeria. With our awesome rates, clients can conveniently make profits from selling their gift cards.

Another challenge many people faced with selling their gift cards was the volume of untrustworthy agents. In the past, it was a risky venture trying to exchange your gift card for cash in Nigeria. Sinister individuals used to pry on the innocence of people to scam off their credit cards. With the advent of platforms like GiftcardHub on the gift card trading scene, users can ascertain our verity through different social proofs.

Issues like slow response time from the exchange have been wiped out from our platform. The entire duration of verifying a transaction on Giftcardhub is reduced to less than an hour. We also ensure that users do not have to wait for long to receive their funds in their bank accounts. Deliberate efforts are made to ensure our service delivery stays on par with expectations from our customers.

Visit today to start trading your gift cards at the best rates and conditions. You can also visit the website for more information on other gift cards.

highest rate to trade gift card