withdraw money with my Apple Store Gift Card?

Where To Change Itunes Gift Card To Naira?

What is an iTunes gift card?

Change Itunes Gift Card To Naira: iTunes gift card is a prepaid debit card issued by the Apple company to make purchases only on their app store and any Apple properties. You can use it to purchase any Apple product as long as the Gift card is viable to operate. Their gift card comes in different colors and is affirmed with their remarkable logo feature. However, the most common color available is the blue color pattern. Also available is the online iTunes gift card, which possesses the same characteristics as the physical card. The major function that you can utilize with the card is numerous, of which I will list a few, and they include:

  • Music subscription: This is one of the popular uses of the iTunes card. The Apple Music subscription is possible both on iPhones and Androids.
  • For purchases on the App store: This is preferably useful for iPhone users. They can easily make payments on the App Store for apps like Netflix, Apple Music, etc.
  • Apple books: Instead of being charged extra for buying books with your bank cards, the iTunes gift card comes in handy and functional for buying books for your entertainment and enlightenment on Apple bookstore.
  • To purchase any game: This is quite a lovely sight for gamers. They can buy any game or make transactions related to game activities on phones and computers using an iTunes gift card.

These are the various things you can use the iTunes gift card for. However, it has limitations even in the Apple company usage, and so many people tend not to use it, or they need it exchanged for cash. Is that possible? We get to find out in the next paragraph.

Where can I exchange iTunes Giftcard to Naira?

Change Itunes Gift Card To Naira

Many people are gifted with iTunes gift cards and can’t find to use it for any transactions or maybe not interested in buying any Apple product but prefer it is in cash. It is possible on our platform  http://giftcardshub.com.ng to exchange your iTunes to Naira. We offer the best rate that you can ever imagine for an Itunes gift card, no matter the funds available on it. If you need a quick exchange of your gift card to Naira, your best bet is giftcardshub. You can check our exchange rate here and see that we give our best to satisfy our clients.

How to trade on Giftcardshub

You can use our website or app to trade which will be explained below:

  • Go to http://giftcardshub.com.ng and click on trade now to get started with registration and the same with the app in which you download the app giftcardshub
  • Input your details to get registered on the app
  • Sign in and choose iTunes gift card on the gift card category
  • Afterward,

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 What exactly is a Gift card?

A gift card is a metallic or plastic debit card imbued with a certain amount of money to purchase goods and services at specific locations. You must be wondering if it is the same with the popular bank prepaid credit or debit card. I will explain the differences as you go through this article. Gift Cards serve limitless benefits to their users in Nigeria and the world. A Gift Card contains a specific amount, and after usage, you either dispose of the card or reload if it is reloadable. A gift card could be as small as $5 and as high as possible based on the card’s limit.

Types of Gift Cards

  1. Open-loop Gift card: This gift card is functional for purchases and used online at any retail shop. Major bank services have opted to use open-loop gift cards like; Visa, Mastercard, and others. This gift card is accepted worldwide, and users can exchange it for various goods and services. What differentiates the card from the bank prepaid credit and debit card is that the gift card has a limited lifespan compared to the prepaid cards.
    The prepaid debit/credit card has unlimited usage, and you can reload it as much as possible, although this is quite possible with open-loop gift cards. The only tweaking that can make to a gift card is the renewal; you can renew them for a new lifespan, but it is more or less like acquiring a new one. Also, a  major recent change noticed is that open-loop gift cards can be reloaded like the common bank prepaid credit or debit card. The open-loop even offers withdrawal services at any ATM close to you. So there’s a thin line between a gift card and a prepaid debit or credit card.
  2. Closed-loop Gift cards: The closed-loop gift card is limited to certain functions, unlike the open-loop gift card. They are also known as store gift cards, and all transactions are related to the store retail shop. It can also be used offline and online but only at the merchant store. An example is the iTunes gift card. iTunes gift card is non-reloadable and can only be used online or offline at the merchant store. Also, closed-loop gift cards require no activation fee when purchased, i.e., you don’t pay any additional cost except for the funds you have loaded on the card. However, it shares similarities with the open-loop gift card, such as a fixed expiration date and a fixed amount of cash.

As stated earlier, in explaining the two different types of gift cards available, You can use them offline and online for various transactions. Based on the card’s applicability, you can pay for goods and services at different retail stores to purchase whatever you want.