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Why is my Google Play gift card not working?

Google Play gift card not working

Google Play gift card not working: Google Play gift cards have become one of the world’s everyday gift cards. Google Play gift cards are bought and sold for various reasons in several countries. Some use them as a substitute for traditional gifts, and others buy them to budget their funds and save money.

With the extent of ease that this piece of technology affords the world, is malfunctioning would be a dreadful issue. Some gift card owners have had issues with their gift cards for several reasons recently. The case is not different for Google Play gift cards. If your Google Play gift card is not working or it malfunctions, this post is available to detail the possible causes of such malfunctioning and to provide a solution to them.

Where to redeem Google Play gift card

The extent to which a gift card works is dependent on what the issuer has allowed. Gift cards are issued by banks, large multinational retail firms, and financial service providers. They are meant to ease payment processes on their respective platforms and ease gift-giving. The upsides for retail stores are increased sales, in the long run, high customer participation, and long-termed patronage.

Therefore, Google Play gift card cards are redeemable on the Google Play store. Holders can use them to buy games, apps, books, and other products available in the store. If your friend wants to get a paid app on the Google Play store, you can be a darling to check for the price and get a Google Play gift card that can buy it for them. It would be about the perfect gift!

Google Play gift card not working

Google Play gift card not working

Why is the Google play gift card is not working?

Naturally, gift cards do not expire, and an unworking gift card could be due to many reasons. These reasons may even exist beyond the card-issuing company or the card itself. To begin, you may want to be sure of how to properly redeem a gift card on Google play.

Research has shown that a handful of gift cardholders are not quite aware of how they should redeem their gift cards on Google play. Although the process is easy and swift, some people might still need a step-by-step tutorial. Below are the easy steps to redeem a Google play gift card.

  1. Tap open your Google Play Store app.
  2. Click on the menu bar on the top right part of your screen. It is illustrated by the first letter on your name or your google photo ID (if you have added one).
  3. Select payments and subscriptions. There you should see some payment methods and payment activities.
  4. Click on Redeem gift code. This should take you to a page where you will be required to enter your promo code or gift card code.
  5. Every gift cart comes with a unique code. Find that on your gift card and enter it in the area provided.
  6. Proceed to redeem your gift card by clicking “redeem” below the page.

There are several error codes you can get if your gift card is not working after following the steps above. We will be going after them and proffering solutions accordingly.

No internet connection. Make sure Wi-Fi or cellular data is turned on, then try again!

This most certainly has to do with your internet connection. Check if your connection is active. Check if you have an active data plan. The problem is neither with the card nor Google.

Gift codes can not be redeemed for your country

To redeem your gift card, ensure the gift card was meant for the country you are in. A Canadian Google Play gift card may not work in the US because gift cards are programmed to work within the boundaries of the concerned country.

If this is your case, you have no issue at all. You can either use it on an account that corresponds with the country you bought the gift card from or sell it for cash with Giftcards Hub in Nigeria. Log on to to sell your gift card for instant cash.

Invalid or incorrect code

Gift card codes are case sensitive and will not work if not the same as what you have on your gift card. Ensure to look out for characters that may look similar. Examples of such characters are “0 and O,” “5 and S,” “8 and B,” “V and U,” “9 and g,” and some others.

Unreadable code

Without a gift card code, there is no way you can redeem it. Contact Google play on “help and feedback” on the menu bar. You will find the menu bar by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Already redeemed gift card

If the platform suggests that your gift card has already been used, you may have to contact customer service to make a complaint. However, check your balance first and ensure that your gift card balance is intact. If already used and you are sure that your codes were not exposed to a third party, you can go on to make your complaint to the customer service.

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Google Play gift card not working