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How to sell Best Buy gift cards for cash

Best Buy gift cards for cash: As the world gets acquainted with technological advancement, more and more people now embrace the idea of a gift card. Gift cards are now common among individuals in America and across the world. Choosing a gift might seem like too much stress at times, and getting a gift card might seem like an easy bail-out mechanism.

Besides purchasing a gift card for friends and loved ones as an alternative to regular gifts, gift cards are primarily payment cards. Their manner of working is similar to the regular debit and credit card attached to our bank counts. Only gift cards are not connected to a particular account or name.

Most gift cards are only identified with their unique card number and a pin that is created at activation (for some gift cards). Sometimes, some people may need their money in capacities other than those of the vendors and platforms that the card issuer allows. Since most gift cards are not redeemable for cash, the cardholder must redeem them for products or services as the issuer may allow.

Another option is what the Gift cards Hub is offering. Sell all gift cards for instant cash in Nigeria. The Gift cards Hub is a gift card trading platform where gift cards are bought and sold in local currencies. Are you looking to get somewhere to sell your Best Buy gift card? You have come to the perfect platform.

Best Buy gift cards for cash

Best Buy gift cards for cash

About best buy gift cards

Best Buy is a large American multinational electronic retail store. They sell all kinds of electronics from computers to tablets, TVs, home theater, office electronics, other household appliances, and more. Similar to other retail stores, Best buy also embraces gift card technology. So, people can apply and buy their Best buy gift card for themselves or their friends to aid quick and easy transactions traditionally or virtually.

Best buy online market currently operates in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. However, Africans could be sent gift cards from their friends in other countries. One way to use such a gift card is to use the card to order an item on Best buy and deliver it to a friend’s address in any of the above-listed countries. Then, the item can be sent through shipping or express courier service. That seems like too long a process.

Another option that saves stress and time is to sell the gift card for cash on Here, you can sell all manner of gift cards like iTunes, Nordstrom, Sephora, Apple store gift card, Visa, razor gold, US Visa, Walmart, steam, Nike, Google Play, eBay, and One Vanilla to mention a few. Below is how to get started with trading your gift cards with the Gift cards hub.

How to sell Best Buy gift card for Naira

Whether you have the physical Best buy gift card or the e-gift card, they are both sellable here on the Giftcards Hub. Firstly if you use an android and would like to have the app experience of the Giftcards hub, you can click here to download the mobile app for your android device. The IOS user need not worry, the Website version also works the same way. So, follow closely as we make gift card trading a great experience for you.

  1. Visit, or download the app if that is what rocks your boat.
  2. Select “trade now.” This takes you to a page where you will be asked to register with a few details and agree to the terms and conditions of transacting with the platform. Create an account, log in, and proceed to your Dashboard.
  3. Your dashboard will contain the trading section, wallet balance, transaction history, rate calculator, and bank details amongst others. Add your bank details below and proceed to the trading section.
  4. Select the gift card you want to sell, which in this case is “Best buy.” Select the category and enter the amount you want to sell in USD.
  5. The rate calculator will calculate the naira equivalent based on the information entered and the rate of exchange at the time of trading. This is the same for every other gift card, and this gift card calculator can be accessed even without registering on the platform.
  6. Go on to trade by selecting “continue to trade.” Other details about the card like the card number and an image of the gift card should be readily available for the next stage.
  7. After providing relevant details, the verification process may take a few minutes to complete.
  8. After the verification process is complete, your wallet will be credited immediately, and you can make an instant withdrawal to your preferred bank account.

Note that our customer service is always available for 24/7 support. You can chat up our customer service via the chat box at the right corner of your screen. For all your requests, inquiries, feedback, and complaints, our customer service responds at any time around the clock to meet your need.

Best Buy gift cards for cash