Best Gift Card Rate Calculator In Nigeria 

Best Gift Card Rate Calculator

Best Gift Card Rate Calculator: Trading with the best rate calculator comes with many perks that you as a gift card trader won’t want to miss out on, hence the search for the best calculator. Using the best rate calculator helps to maximize profit, a benefit that all rational gift card traders are sorting after. Gifcardshub is one Gift card company that you would want to trade as they have enticing rates. 

Looking for the best gift card rate calculator to sell your gift cards? Giftcardshub is the best choice for you. With a platform built on trust and customer satisfaction, you will certainly get the best value for your gift cards when you trade with us. 

Giftcardshub is a premium platform to trade your gift card, we offer the best rate for your gift cards. A quick visit to our website or mobile app will show you the lengths the firm has gone to establish a fast and reliable platform. From the proper design practice that is evident in the website and mobile app user interface and the in-built rate calculator, Giftcardhub has invested in different aspects to satisfy customers.

Using the Giftcardshub rate calculator, we will be providing the exchange value for some popular gift cards;

Google Play gift card; the current exchange value for $100 USA Google Play gift is N35,000 for the physical gift card and N31,000 for the e-code.

iTunes gift card; currently, the exchange rate for $100 and $200 iTunes singles is N340/$, $100 iTunes is worth N34,000 and $200 goes for N68,000. If you are familiar with gift cards you will know e-codes are lesser in value compared to the physical gift cards, iTunes USA e-code is exchanged at N280/$. Check GiftCardsHub rate calculatorBest Gift Card Rate Calculator

Best Gift Card Rate Calculator

eBay gift card; eBay denominations in $25, $50 and $75 for both physical and e-code are exchanged at N200/$,  $100 – $500 is exchanged at N320/$. The e-code $100 denomination is exchanged at N280/$.

Apple Store gift card; you can use your Apple Store gift card to buy products and accessories at or in the Apple Store app. It is currently exchanged at N340/$.

Xbox gift card; Xbox gift cards can be used to buy thousands of games, apps, movies, and TV shows. Even if you don’t own an Xbox console, the credit from Xbox gift cards can be redeemed online in the Microsoft Store to buy games and movies on a Windows PC. At Giftcardshub we are currently exchanging it for N300/$.

Nike gift card; Nike gift card is the official gift card for the shoe and sports apparel brand, you can use the gift card to purchase items on the Nike website. Nike gift card is exchanged at N320/$ i.e a $100 Nike gift card will be worth N32,000.

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Reasons you should trade your gift cards with Giftcardshub

First and foremost, the most important reason to consider Giftcardshub is the high exchange rate that will help you maximize your profit. Instead of losing on a good exchange rate, why don’t you join the profit-maximizing team today and experience a high return on your gift cards.

You are sure to get the current rate when you check our rate calculator has the rates are updated when needed.

Another important aspect that makes Giftcardshub a good exchange platform is the ease associated with selling your gift cards on both the website and the mobile app. Our platform is designed to make it easy to navigate through it no matter how tech-savvy you are.

You can sell your gift cards on our website or through our mobile platform which is available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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Why choose Giftcardshub to trade your gift cards?

  • Giftcardshub has one of the best if not the best exchange rate you can find in the digital card exchange market.
  • They have both web and app versions of the platform
  • No tedious process when you want to sell your gift cards just;
    • Create an Account through the app or website
    • Go to trade gift cards
    • Enter gift card details
    • Choose payment method
    • Then wait for your card to be verified and receive payment immediately.
  • 24/7 Customer service to help with any problem you might encounter
  • Fast payment time