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Convert Gift Cards To Naira

 Convert Gift Cards To Naira: Gift card is one of the most popular digital assets in today’s consumer economy, with reports that millions of dollars are lost in gift cards yearly, due to lost or sometimes idleness of the gift card, this has brought about a new commodity market where people can swap their unused gift cards for cash. 

Convert Gift Cards To Naira

In Nigeria, Giftcards Hub happens to be one of the major vendors of gift cards where you can seamlessly convert your gift cards to cash and receive payments straight to your bank account. When you convert your gift card to cash on Giftcards Hub; the Coolest platform to buy and sell gift cards of any kind, you will be offered the best resell value for your gift cards. Here are rates offered by Giftcardshub for different types of gift cards:

— Exchange rates for various types of iTunes gift cards:

  • USA iTunes physical, $100 – $499 — N280/$
  • USA iTunes physical, small denomination ($25, $50, $75) — N260/$
  • USA iTunes e-code, $50 – $500  — N260/$
  • UK iTunes physical, $100 – $200 — N390/$
  • Australia iTunes, $50 – $200 — N160/$
  • Canadian iTunes, $100 — N100/$
  • German iTunes, 50 – 500 – N310/$
  • iTunes gift cards $100 and $200 only – N300/$

— Exchange rates for various types of iTunes gift cards:

  • USA Google Play physical, $100 – $500 — N360/$
  • USA Google Play physical below $100 — N330/$
  • USA Google Play physical below $50 — N300/$
  • USA Google Play e-code $50 – $200 — N310/$
  • UK Google Play physical $50 – $200 — N280/$
  • Canadian Google Play physical $100 – $200 — N180/$
  • Euro Google Play physical $50 – $500— N320/$

— Exchange rates for various types of Steam gift cards:

  • Steam Euro physical gift card — N400/$
  • Steam Euro e-code gift card — N380/$
  • Steam Wallet UK physical gift card 50 – 500 — N500/$
  • Steam UK small denomination — N450/$
  • Steam wallet UK e-code gift card — N420/$
  • Steam Switzerland physical card — N390/$
  • Steam Switzerland e-code – N210/$

All the rates above are from the Giftcards Hub rate calculator, you can use it to check the rates of other gift cards convertible on the platform.

Reasons you should convert your gift cards at Giftcardshub – Convert Gift Cards To Naira

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Convert Gift Cards To Naira
  • Exchange rate: we offer one of the best exchange rates in the gift card exchange market; you can confirm this by checking the rates offered for different gift cards using the coin calculator embedded on our platforms. (both website and mobile app) When you trade your gift cards for cash with us, you will get the best value for your card. You can access our service via our website and mobile app. Click on the “Get app” button on our home page to download the app or a simple name search on the Google Play Store.
  • Easy to use: both our web app and mobile app are designed to aid easy navigation on the platforms. With an excellent User Interface and User Experience design practice, it takes minimal effort and time to convert your gift cards on the platform. We promise a hassle-free trading adventure on our platforms.
  • Security: With our top-notch security system, funds in your Giftcardshub wallet are safe and secure. Your profile dashboard is where you trade your gift cards and perform all necessary transactions to get your money in your bank, so you can trust the system to have an industry-certified security standard to make sure your data is secured.
  • Transaction Time: The time to verify the authenticity of gift cards varies depending on the type, however, we will disburse payment within the least possible time frame.

How to convert your gift cards on Giftcards Hub

  • The first step is to sign in to your account if you are an existing user. For new users, the first step is to sign up to gain access to the trade function.
  • On the homepage click on trade now and select the type of gift card you want to trade.
  • Enter the Amount in dollars. The exchange value will be displayed on the interface.
  • Proceed to place order
  • Set up your wallet by inputting your bank details. You can choose to receive funds to this wallet or directly into your bank account.
  • Funds will be sent immediately after your gift card is confirmed.
  • Transfer funds to your local bank account through the withdrawal interface.

Convertible gift cards on Giftcards Hub

  • Amazon
  • Amex Gold
  • Xbox
  • Google Play
  • Itunes
  • Nike
  • Nordstrom
  • One Vanilla
  • Sephora
  • Steam
  • Visa
  • Walmart and sams club
  • Apple Store, and so on

Convert Gift Cards To Naira