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How to redeem a google play gift card that needs more information

Tgoogle play gift card: o start, you might be wondering what it means to need more information. If you are a frequent user of google play gift cards you might have come across the error that says “we need more information” amongst other error codes. If you are yet to see this, just read through this post to see how to solve this gift card redemption issue. It might just save you one day. This post is resourceful to both new and existing users of Google Play Gift Card.

google play gift card

When redeeming a google play gift card, there are a couple of error messages that one could get depending on the situation. When you get an error code, there has to be something you are doing wrong; or there is something wrong with the card you are holding. In the meantime, we will focus on how to solve the problem of “we need more information,” and we will touch on other errors that one might get when redeeming a Google Play gift card.

Solve the “we need more information” error message when redeeming a Google Play gift card

Firstly, be rest assured that your card is not bad, and you are not the only one experiencing this error. This does not also mean that your card is invalid or expired. For first-time users, the following steps are how to use a google play gift card:

  1. Open your Google Play app. If you don’t have it installed, you can go and google to get it installed on your mobile device. If you use a Mac or PC, visit to access the “redeem gift code” webpage.
  2. Click on the profile icon on the top right corner for mobile. Mac and PC users do not need to take any action at this stage because the above link goes directly to the “redeem gift code” webpage.
  3. Select Payments and subscription, then select redeem gift code. Now everyone (Mobile, PC, and Mac) should be on the same page.
  4. Enter the digit/code on the gift card in the section provided.

NB: Google Play gift cards are redeemed for credit in the form of a Google Play balance that is available to purchase content in the Store. Content that one could purchase on the Google play store includes books, games, music, premium apps, and other exciting content. Google will not redeem Google play gift cards for cash or other items; they are only redeemable for Google Play Balance.

Having known all of these, Let’s roll into the subject of discussion.

google play gift card

Google Play gift card not working
google play gift card

“We need more information to redeem your gift card”

The cause for this error code is not quite clear, because it could be quite a number. However, it usually occurs when Google wants to investigate the details of your gift card or your google account. Relax, it is not a problem at all. All you need to do is to get a competent Lawyer/Solicitor… That was a joke (smiles).

To redeem this gift card, you will have to contact the google play help team to investigate the issue. Click here to fill out the investigation form. The form requires some details like;

  1. Clear pictures of the front and back of your Google Play gift card
  2. Where you have purchased the gift card
  3. The location/city/country where it was purchased
  4. The gift card redemption code
  5. Mobile number

This issue is fixable only with the google team. Send them your details and get it fixed ASAP. If you get an error that reads “there is a problem with that code. Try a different one or learn more.” The process is the same as the one we’ve just explained. Use this link and fill in the details as seen, click here!

Other Google play Error messages

If you have a problem with other gift card complications, you still have them covered. We’re here to help! Some other common issues with google play gift cards include:

  1. Invalid gift card redemption code or input wrong
  2. Unreadable gift code on the gift card
  3. The gift code has already been redeemed
  4. You have reached your Google play Balance limit
  5. Couldn’t redeem this code, or this code cannot be used in this country/region
  6. You can’t redeem your gift card due to an issue with your account
  7. Google play needs to verify your identity before allowing you to add to your Google Play Balance

We have a chunk of content on these issues with Google Play here on our blog at Gift Cards Hub. You can browse through our blog page or even contact us for support. Contacting Google play support is also a good move when trying to fix issues with your gift card.

How to trade gift cards for instant cash with GC Hub

You can get your Google Play and other gift cards swapped for cash with the fast steps below;

  1. Visit www. or download the app on the Google Play store
  2. Register your account
  3. Select your gift card and the amount
  4. Check rate
  5. Trade gift card.

google play gift card