How Much Is Nordstrom Gift Card In Naira

 Nordstrom Gift Card In Naira: There are mainly two types of gift cards; Closed Loop gift cards and Open Loop gift cards. Open-loop gift cards offer the coequal of cash—or more precisely, a credit or debit card that can be used at any retail store where that card is accepted and online. Most of the major credit card issuers, such as American Express, Visa, Discover, and Walmart gift cards, offer open-loop gift cards.

Closed-loop gift cards are often issued by stores, allowing a cardholder to buy anything from that specified retailer. Closed-loop cards generally can be used in the platform that issued them, either at the store or on its website. However, if one enterprise has several subgroups, it might issue gift cards that can be used at any of them. Nordstrom gift card is an example of a closed-loop gift card since it can only be used in Nordstrom stores. Most store credit cards can only be used at the issuing store or its website and are therefore closed-loop cards.  Let’s discuss why and how you can sell your Nordstrom gift card for cash in Nigeria using a gift card exchange platform.

Billions of dollars are lost in gift cards due to idleness, some gift cards expire while some get misplaced, it is profitable to sell your Nordstrom gift card or any other type of gift card you don’t use to avoid contributing to the unused gift card stat.

If you have a Nordstrom gift card you want to sell your best option is to sell it on Giftcards Hub; the best gift card vendor in Nigeria, trusted by thousands to swap various gift cards for cash and we have been delivering an amazing service over the years.

How much is a Nordstrom gift card – Nordstrom Gift Card In Naira

Nordstrom Gift Card In Naira

The price of a Nordstrom gift card depends on the type you want to sell, like most gift cards physical gift cards tend to have a higher resell value compared to e-code and this applies to Nordstrom gift cards also.

Using the Giftcards Hub rate calculator, Nordstrom’s physical gift card between $400 – $500 is currently exchanged at N360/$, $100 – $300 is exchanged at N350/$ and values below $100 are exchanged at N340/$.

These are the best value you will get for your gift card in the exchange market, so waste no time and sign up on through our website or mobile app to sell your Nordstrom gift card. You can download our mobile app on the Google Play Store or you can simply click on the “Get the app” button on our homepage. 

How to sell your Nordstrom gift card on Giftcards Hub

  • Go to our website or download the mobile app
  • Create an account or log in if you are an existing user
  • If you are a new user add your bank account information to your account
  • Navigate to the sell card interface and input the gift card information and submit. Include a picture.
  • Wait for funds to be sent to your account.
  • Withdraw funds to your saved bank account.

Features of Nordstrom Gift cards

  • Fees and Expiration: Unlike some gift cards, when you purchase a Nordstrom gift card, there are no extra fees associated with activating or using the gift card, and it does not have an expiry date also. Nordstrom physical gift cards and eGift cards remain valid and can be used for purchase till their balance is used up.
  • Card replacement: With adequate proof of purchase, you can replace a lost or stolen Nordstrom gift card. You should treat your gift cards as your physical cash. In cases of theft or misplacement, you should immediately report to the customer care service.
  • Balance inquiry: You can check your Nordstrom balance by calling customer care or by navigating to the gift card section on the Nordstrom website. You can also request your gift card balance from a salesperson in Nordstrom stores.

Difference between Open-loop and closed-loop gift cards

  • Closed gift cards are normally free to activate, meaning you only pay the dollar amount that you load onto the card. While Open-loop cards require payment of an activation fee because that is where the gift card company makes profits.
  • Funds on a closed-loop gift card may have a specified expiration date, this is not common with open-loop gift cards
  • Closed-loop gift cards are usually not reloadable while open-loop gift cards are reloadable.

Nordstrom Gift Card In Naira