How to redeem a google play gift card from a different country

redeem a google play gift card: Google Play gift cards are fashioned to work in the country or location they have been purchased. A United States Google Play gift card will not work in the United Kingdom or any other country. The disparity in currency and location makes it display an error message that reads “Couldn’t redeem this code, or this code cannot be used in this country/region.”

redeem a google play gift card

To ensure that you do not have this error on your screen, you should redeem your gift card in the country where it was bought. Or, you know there is always a back entrance to issues like this. All you need to do is make the Google Play store believe you are in the said country. If you want to redeem a US Google play gift card, you must use a US region Google Play Store. For a UK Google Play gift card, you need a UK region Google Play Store.

Of course, the apps are not different, they are only designed to detect the user’s location via the device’s GPS. To make your wish come true, you will have to trick the app to make it believe you are in the country where the gift card should be redeemed. VPNs are what make this possible.

With a good VPN, you can access the internet from other countries and states of the world. You are not going to travel from the US just to redeem a UK gift card in the United Kingdom or wait till the next time you travel to redeem that gift card. Using a good VPN, you can travel the world from the corner of your room.

How to use a Google Play gift card outside the country of purchase – redeem a google play gift card

redeem Google Play gift cards
redeem a google play gift card

Someone might suggest sending the gift code to a friend in the other country with their google account details to do it for them. However, what happens after you log back in on your device? We will leave you to that. Here is how to redeem a Google play gift card from another country:

For Mobile device users

  1. Get a good VPN for your mobile device. Most VPNs are paid, but some are free and work well. Browse on the best VPN and fire it up.
  2. Choose your preferred country from the list of countries on the app. If you have a US Google Play gift card, choose any state in the US as your region and start the connection. Your IP address will now be browsing from the country you have picked.
  3. Next, after the connection is complete, go to your phone settings and select your app manager. Look for Google Play Store and click it.
  4. Force the app to stop and clear app data and cache. Click on the app storage section to clear app data and cache.
  5. Relaunch your Google Play Store. Login to your google account, and you should find your currency in that of the country you have chosen on the VPN.
  6. You are now set to redeem your gift card. Click the profile icon on your top right corner and select Payments and Subscription.
  7. Select “Redeem gift code”
  8. Enter the characters on your gift card and tap the redeem button. You are done now. Your Google Play balance will reflect the amount redeemed immediately.

For Computer users (PC or Mac)

  1. Get a VPN for your PC or Mac. Most VPNs for computers are paid extensions for browsers. However, there are also free extensions for chrome, edge, firefox, safari, and other browsers. A faster way to get a good free VPN is to download the Opera browser on your computer. It comes with a free VPN and is also available for mobile devices.
  2. Open the browser and launch the VPN. If you are using Opera, you should find the VPN button beside the URL bar. If not, go to the settings and tap advanced to switch on the VPN. If you are using other browsers (where you have previously logged in to your Google account), go to the settings > storage and clear browser cookies and cache.
  3. Select the country where the gift card was purchased and start the VPN.
  4. After establishing a connection, go to
  5. Ensure that your Google account is logged in on the browser.
  6. Enter your gift code, and tap redeem.

Sell Gift cards for instant cash in Nigeria

Here is how to redeem gift cards for Naira easily and sweetly. Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Apple store, Walmart, Nordstrom, Sephora, eBay, and more.

  1. Log on to or download the app for android.
  2. Select Trade now on the home page.
  3. Create an account and login into your dashboard.
  4. Select your gift card type, subcategory, and amount.
  5. Tap continue to trade.
  6. Provide the necessary info and wait for verification.
  7. Receive payment into your wallet and withdraw to your local bank as you like.

redeem a google play gift card