Best Platform to trade Nordstrom gift card for cash

Have you ever wondered what it would look like when you finally get to sell your Nordstrom gift card for cash in Nigeria? Do need some quick cash and want to get from your Nordstrom gift card? Let us make it easy and quick for you. This post would expose you to the easiest and fastest way to sell your Nordstrom gift card for cash.

With Giftcards Hub, there is no limit to your gift card trading at all. You can opt for your first trade now and get your payment in a matter of minutes. If you are a first-time trader, you are very welcome to start trading with zero experience in gift card trading. We have made this platform easy to use, profitable, and fast to meet all your gift card trading needs.

On this blog, you can check some of our other posts where we gift detailed expositions about gift cards and how to trade them. Before going into how to sell your gift card for naira, let’s quickly touch on what Nordstrom gift cards are and other things you should know about them.

About Nordstrom Gift Cards

Nordstrom gift cards are prepaid money cards that are redeemable for Nordstrom products. They are issued by Nordstrom Inc. for their customers to enjoy easy gift-giving and product patronage. Nordstrom is an American departmental chain store that deals in shoes, clothes, cosmetics, and other wear.

With a Nordstrom gift card, you can choose to order any item from Nordstrom’s online store or walk into any physical store close to you. So far, your gift card balance is enough to make payment for the purchase; you can choose to pay with your gift card.

By the way, there are two types of Nordstrom gift cards. Nordstrom offers a physical plastic card and a digital ecode. Both card variants work just the same but are a bit different. The Nordstrom physical gift cards are similar to your local bank’s debit or credit card. They are physically available, and you can get them delivered to your doorstep.

On the other hand, Nordstrom ecodes is a digital gift card that is similar to your virtual debit and credit cards. When you buy them, you can only receive the codes (gift card number) with your email address; there is no physical plastic card to show for it. However, it still works the same way any physical Nordstrom card will work.

 These digital gift cards are a better choice when you want to send a gift card to someone that is far from where you are. All you have to do is to fill in their email address as the receiving email, and they will get it as soon as you purchase the gift card. It is faster and a lot more convenient for both parties.

Where can I sell my Nordstrom Gift cards for cash in Nigeria?

The best gift card trading platforms are known for their constancy in serving their gift card traders with the best rates, fast transactions, and professional customer support. If you are looking for reliability, speed, and transaction security in your trading platform, Giftcards Hub is your go-to trading platform. Besides trading Nordstrom gift cards, there is a long list of gift cards that you can also sell for instant cash. Some of these gift cards are:

  • Walmart, iTunes, Amazon, eBay
  • Google Play, Steam wallet, Sephora
  • Visa, Apple Store, Vanilla
  • Nike, Macy’s Store, Razer Gold
  • Xbox, Target, Footlocker
  • JC penny, Netflix, and Best Buy.

How much is the Nordstrom gift card in naira?

If you would like to know how much you can get for trading your Nordstrom gift card for cash here, you can head on to to check the rate for all of your gift cards. Enter the gift card type, category, and amount to see how much your gift card is worth in naira.

There are different rates for the different types and categories of this gift card. However, at the time of publishing this article, a $100 USA Physical Nordstrom gift card is exchanged for N36,500 (i.e. for every dollar on your gift card, you get N365).

How to sell my Nordstrom gift card for cash

We are here to make it easy, fast, and profitable for you. See the steps below to sell your first Nordstrom gift card:

  1. Visit or download the mobile app for android on the Google Play store.
  2. Start by creating your account and verifying your email.
  3. Proceed to log in to your account.
  4. On the sell gift cards tab, enter your gift card type, category, and amount in USD.
  5. Tap the button below to fill in your gift card information.
  6. Read terms and conditions carefully, agree, and proceed.
  7. Wait a few minutes for verification, and you will get instant payment.
  8. To withdraw, click the withdraw tab and add your bank detail. After submitting, you will recieve payment almost immediately after you place the request.