How much is JC Penney gift card in naira

Wondering how much your JC Penney gift card is worth in naira? We have an answer for you!

JC Penny gift cards are famous for their unique use as a gift item and payment option on the JC Penny website. JC penny gift cards are preloaded money cards that make a great gift alternative for people that like to shop products of different categories. Inside JC Penny store, the categories of products you could get include shoes, jewellery, lingerie, beddings, men’s and women’s wear, baby wears, home clothes, and more.

JC Penney is known as JCP for short. They are an American multinational chain store with over 600 stores in the US and Puerto Rico. A gift card from this kind of store means you can order almost anything you want. However, you might also need to use the money on that gift card to pay for other things that are not listed in the JC Penney store. That’s where Giftcards Hub comes in.

How much can I get for my JC Penney gift card in naira?

The amount receivable on gift card trade depends on what gift card you are trading and what platform you are trading with. Some types of gift cards are more profitable than others due to the level of demand for those cards. Also, digital gift cards usually go for lesser rates compared to physical gift cards.

Regardless, Giftcards Hub is sworn to deliver you the best rate for all your JC Penny gift card trades. To make your rate inquiry process easy and quick, Giftcards Hub provides traders with a gift card rate calculator. With this rate calculator, traders can check for the current value they will get for trading their gift cards for naira. Follow the easy steps below to check the value of your gift card in naira now:

  1. Visit on a mobile or desktop browser. Giftcards Hub also has a mobile app for android; however, the web version should be just enough to check rates.
  2. On the Home page, navigate through the page to locate the Rates tab on the menu. Select “rates” and wait for the page to load. For mobile browser users, click on the menu icon on the top right of the page to locate the rates page.
  3. You will find the gift card calculator on this page. Enter the requested details as they appear on the page. Since we are checking for JC Penney, select JC Penney as your gift card category and select the type.
  4. If there is the option for an ecode or a physical gift card, choose the one that is suitable for the gift card you are holding on the gift card type section.
  5. Enter the amount of your gift card in USD. The gift card calculator will calculate and display the value of your gift card in naira immediately.

Note that this rate is subject to change as the demand for gift cards fluctuates in the general market. However, Giftcards Hub ensures to steady the rates and provide you with the best rates you can not get elsewhere.

The current rate for trading JC Penney gift cards at the time of publishing this post is N315/$. This means that a $100 JC Penney gift card will return N31,500 of the Nigerian naira. If you want to start trading now, see how you can sell your first gift card for cash in Nigeria.

How to sell JC Penny gift cards for cash in Nigeria

With Giftcards Hub, here are the quick and easy-to-follow steps to sell JC Penney gift cards in Nigeria

  1. Visit to start trading. If you want the mobile app on your phone, head to Google Play Store to download Giftcards Hub for Android mobile. Search for Giftcards Hub and hit the install button. After installation, run/launch the app.
  2. Click on Get started here to create an account and log in. You are advised to provide valid details on your email address, phone number, and name to register. Ensure you register with a valid and accessible email address, because registration requires email verification.
  3. Proceed to log in after successful signup. This takes you to your personalized dashboard, where your transactions, wallet, bank details, and more will be stored. Be rest assured that your personal information is safe with Giftcards Hub.
  4. Click the sell gift cards section and fill in detail accordingly. For the gift card category, select JC Penney. For the Gift card type, select the type you have with you and enter the amount in USD. Hit the button below to continue.
  5. On the next page, you will enter gift card details like card number, card photo, and more. This is for verification purposes. Enter them appropriately.
  6. In a few minutes, verification will be complete and you will get paid instantly.
  7. To withdraw, enter your bank details in the section provided on the withdrawal tab and request withdrawal. Your payment will come in almost immediately.