How to redeem Amex gift card for naira

To redeem an Amex gift card, something you do not want to do with inadequate information and guidance. Luckily for you, we have you covered on all fronts. With the current economic disease that plagues Nigeria and many other sovereign states, holding funds in a gift card might not seem to be some sort of brilliant investment.

For a novice in gift card trading, to redeem a gift card for naira means to sell the dollar value of your gift card for a pre-agreed rate in naira. If you have an Amex gift card that you want to sell, getting the best gift card exchanger should be a priority on the top of your list. With the Gift cards Hub, you have no problems selling gift cards and getting instant payment in naira. A quick gist about the uses of Amex gift cards.

About Amex gift cards

Amex is short for American Express. American Express is an American multinational financial service provider. In the late 70s, Amex was one of the few companies that promoted the discovery and development of card services. They made it possible that people could make payments with cards attached to a regular bank account.

When it was time for gift cards; things took a new turn. Gift cards were not attached to bank accounts; instead, they were standalone preloaded cards that command the same authority as regular debit or credit cards. Besides gift cards, American Express also issue debit and credit cards. Amex gift cards are accepted in all stores and services where other Amex cards are accepted.

There are two types of Amex gift cards; the personal gift card and the business gift card. These two variants can be in the form of a physical gift card or an electronic gift card. Personal gift cards are designed to suit the needs of an individual. They often range from $25 – $3000 in different denominations.

On the other hand, the business gift card is designed to meet the needs of corporate businesses. There are often used to reward employees on special company occasions. There are in the same denominations as the personal gift cards; however, Amex provides companies with the option to purchase them in large quantities. They can order for as much as $100,000 or more.

How to use an Amex gift card

 The uses of Amex gift cards are multifaceted. Since they are accepted in many stores and online marketplaces, they can be used to buy close to anything. They are a very good option to select when looking for a nice gift for people of different ages. They are valuable to kids and adult item stores.

If you want to make your budget on some of your expenses accurate, you might want to try getting yourself an Amex gift card. To keep your money in a regular checking account is not the best way to plan your money. You can buy a $500 Amex gift card for all your grocery shopping for a month if that’s what you can afford. So, you make payment for your grocery shopping for that card for the rest of the month.

It can also be an ingenious way to store cash for a long time. Since they do not expire, you can keep them for as long as you want. Money in the bank might be tempting, but you can lock your gift card away till whenever you need it. Since it is a separate account from your bank account, you can enjoy using it as a savings card.

How to sell Amex gift card for naira

To start trading Amex gift cards for cash, you do not need experience of any sort in gift card trading or any trading. Merely following the steps below, you will successfully land your gift card funds in your local Nigerian bank account:

  1. Download GC Hub for mobile or visit To get the app, go to Google Play Store, search for Giftcards Hub, and install it.
  2. Launch your app or browser to get going already. Create your account via the get started here button on the home page. Enter the required detail, verify your email, and you are done creating your GC Hub trading account. All these should take less than five mins.
  3. Login to the just crested account and view Trader’s dashboard.
  4. Head to the sell gift cards section and enter your gift card category, type and amount. Enter the Amex gift card for the category, and select your gift card type and amount in USD.
  5. Tap the button below to proceed. Enter the gift card information required to trade and read the terms and conditions carefully. Agree with the terms and conditions, then tap the button below to process your trade.
  6. The verification process may take a few minutes. After verification is complete, you can now withdraw your funds into your local bank account.
  7. The customer service is on standby if you have any questions about your gift card trading with the GC Hub. Happy gift card trading.