How to convert steam gift card for cash

Gaming can be what cheers you up or what helps you get through the day, but money might even be able to do that and more. With the best gift card trading site, you can earn a lot more than what a video game would give you. Do you want to cart off your steam gift card funds instead of using them on games? Gift cards Hub is the right platform to engage.

To successfully redeem gift cards for cash, you must not make a mistake with your choice of gift card exchanger. The risk of choosing the wrong gift card trading platform may range from slow transactions and ridiculous rates to total money loss and information theft. The best gift card trading sites like Giftcards Hub have earned their name by providing traders with a consistent premium gift card trading experience.

Steam Card To Naira

If you are new to gift card trading, we are certainly happy to give you a quick tour of the bits you missed. We have so much information on our Blog that you can leverage to bring yourself up to speed. However, if you need quick info on matters concerning how you can get your money off your steam gift card to your local bank, our customer care helpline is on a 24/7 response spree. You can contact us for support at any time; even at night, we put your interest up top.

How to exchange Steam gift cards for Cash in Nigeria

Whatever time it says on the clock, you should be able to trade gift cards for naira without question. If you wonder how this magic would come into existence, say no more! All you need do is to reach for with your web browser or the mobile app, and you can start getting some cool cash for trading.

Our mobile app is currently on the Google Play Store for all Android devices. The iOS version is still in the making; we are cooking something fascinating. In the meantime, you can get on with trading on your web browser if you use an apple device. Either the App or website, it all works very fine.

To get the App for your android device, open your Google Play Store and search for Giftcards Hub. When you find it, click install to download it to your phone, it only takes a few megabytes. With this app downloaded on your phone, we can now get to trading gift cards for naira. Remember that the website is also a very valid option to get things rolling as quickly as possible. Below is the step-by-step guild that you need to trade your first gift card for cash:

  1. Visit by clicking the link or typing it into your web browser. Launch the app to get started if you are going for the app version.
  2. After you get to the home page, click on the button that leads you to sign in. You only have to provide a few details and verify your email address to complete this stage. For the web users, click on Get Started Here; that will take you to create your account on GC Hub. This entire process should take about 2 minutes with a good internet connection.
  3. After creating your account, you can log in to the account you have just created. This will take you to the Trader’s dashboard where all your trading transactions, funds, and details are managed.
  4. On the sidebars, you will find the tab labelled “sell gift cards.” Enter your gift card detail in the order provided. Select Steam as your gift card category, pick your gift card type, and punch in the amount in USD (Category: Steam; Type: USA Steam Physical gift card; Amount: $200). There is a long list of the types of steam gift cards, and they are traded at different rates. Some of them are Steam New Zealand ecodes, Canada Steam Physical gift cards, USA Steam ecodes, USA Steam Physical gift cards, Euro Steam ecodes, Canada Steam ecodes, Physical Steam gift cards for Switzerland, Euro Physical Steam gift cards, and more. Check through and select the specification of your gift card.
  5. After selecting and entering amount, the equivalent of your gift card in naira will display. When you are satisfied with the exchange rate, you can proceed to the next page by clicking the button below.
  6. This next page focuses on gift card details and the terms of trading. Provide all necessary details about the gift card and agree to the terms and conditions. Ensure you read through the terms and agreement before checking the box.
  7. Our team would run a quick verification on the details you have provided and credit your wallet in a few minutes. Before, during, or after your trade, you can chat with our support team if you have any questions or experience any complications.

Funds Withdrawal

To withdraw your funds to your Nigerian account:

  1. Head to the withdrawals tab
  2. Provide your bank details
  3. Hit withdraw
  4. Your payment will come in almost immediately.