How to get JC Penny Coupon

JC Penney has several coupon codes that are always available to customers at any point in time. Every time you purchase goods at JC Penney, you will earn points. When you make enough purchases and your points are up to 200, you will receive a $10 reward coupon. However, if you have earned JC Penney rewards on your shopping and return the items, those points will be removed.

JC Penney coupon ranges from 5% to 30% off deals, and they will work on a regular purchase or select sales. An advantage you will gain when you have JC Penney coupons is that you can use more than one coupon in a single transaction. Note that you can only use a maximum of 10 coupons in a single transaction. Also, you cannot use a coupon more than once. 

You can use your JC Penney coupon code at your online purchase by entering the reward code and serial number on the checkout page at JC Penney’s website, 

To check your JC Penney rewards balance or available points, visit a JC Penney store near you and provide the phone number or email address linked to your JC Penney rewards account on the JC Penney website or click here

How to Get JC Penney Coupons

You will know how to Get JC Penney Coupons as you read this article further. You can get JC Penney Coupon in the following ways: 

  1. Visit JC Penney store or website and sign up for rewards

The first thing you can do to get JC Penney coupons is to visit a nearby JC Penney Store around you and sign up for rewards. Or you sign up on their website for rewards using your email address. Visit, look for and click the Get Connected tab, enter your email address and submit. You will receive emails on deals and discounts. In addition, you will receive coupons that you can use online on the JC Penney website or in their stores. 

  • Register for mobile updates to get JC Penney Coupons

The second way you can go about this is to register for mobile updates. Receive digital discounts and coupons on your phone instead of your email. You do not need to print the coupons out to use them. You can provide the message from JC Penney on your phone to get your discount. Enter your cell phone number on the website or download the JC Penney mobile application on the apple store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android phones.

  • Follow JC Penney’s Social Pages

You can also get coupons by following JC Penney’s social media pages, especially their Facebook and Twitter pages. Following their social media pages will give you access to the latest coupons and discounts from JC Penney. You will also not miss out on the brands available in the store.

  • Visit Online Coupon Sites 

Another way you can get a JC Penney coupon is to visit online coupon sites and search for JC Penney coupons on the sites. You may find JC Penney coupons on coupon sites like, RetailMeNot, and Print out the JC Penney coupons. You can use the coupon codes in JC Penney stores or for any purchase on their website. 

  • Check Newspapers

Checking weekly newspapers for JC Penney ads to see if a coupon attached to the ad also works. If you found any JC Penney coupon code in the JC Penney ad, take note of important things like the expiry dates of the coupons or requirements to follow. For example, to get a JC Penney coupon for 30% off deals, you may need to spend up to $50 on a purchase, and it may need to be on JC Penney’s website or store. 

Redeem your JC Penney Gift Card for cash with Gift Cards Hub

Not everyone wants to use their JC Penney gift cards on fashion or brands. You might be cool with trading it for cash instead. Gift Cards Hub specializes in redeeming gift cards for instant cash at the best possible rates.

Follow the steps below to trade your JC Penney Gift Card for Naira: 

  • Visit on your browser. This link will lead you to their home page 
  • On the page, click Get Started and create an account. Verify your email address and login. 
  • On your dashboard, select JC Penney in the gift cards category. Select the subcategory and the amount you want to redeem in USD. The equivalent rate in naira will display in the rate box.
  • Upload an image of the back of your JC Penney Gift Card. 
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You will see your payment in the wallet on your dashboard as soon as it is confirmed.