How to sell steam gift card for naira

You love gaming, but you still would like to have your money in your bank account, right? Well, selling a steam gift card is not a problem here. When looking to sell your gift card, you want to ensure that you are making the correct choice as to the gift card trading platform that you will choose.

Experienced gift card traders do have their experience indeed as they navigate around in search of the best gift card exchanger for their trading needs. If you are new to gift card trading, you do not have to do all that stress and face so much disappointment to get the best gift card trading service. We at Giftcards Hub are dedicated to seeing that you get the best value and service as you trade your gift cards with us.

If you already trade gift cards and think the service you are getting is not very well to your taste, you might want to get some of the juice we offer here at the Giftcards Hub. Let’s quickly talk about steam gift cards before dropping down to the main deal.

About steam gift cards

Steam gift cards are a development of the Valve network. Steam is a designed network for video gaming where gamers can buy, install, and play games online. They are an excellent choice if you want to buy a game for someone as a gift. This is because they make their games to suit different age groups; mature games for adults and overly unrealistic ones for kids.

For these reasons, it is not unlikely that literarily anyone would be holding a steam gift card in Nigeria or anywhere at all. If you think you do not want to buy games, apps, and subscriptions with your gift cards, you are welcome to sell them for cash in naira. Steam gift cards are naturally not redeemable for cash, but with Giftcards Hub, anything is possible with gift cards.

Sell Steam gift cards for instant cash in Nigeria

Trading steam gift cards or other gift cards for cash in Nigeria is nothing that should worry you. The Giftcards Hub provides traders with a safe space where you can trade gift cards easily, fast, and at the best rates. You can start by visiting or downloading the mobile app.

This app is available for Android devices and will soon be live for iOS users. However, in the meanwhile, the web version works as good as the app. To get this app for your android, search and install Giftcards Hub on Google Play Store. Download it for free, and you can get into trading ASAP. The steps below are a comprehensive guide to help you land your first steam gift fund into your local Nigerian bank as you trade with GC HUB:

  1. Log on to  on your web browser or download the app for mobile.
  2. Tap the button that leads you to sign in or create an account. If you are using a browser, the button is labeled get started here. Create your account with the details required and verify your email address. All that should take just about two minutes.
  3. After that, you can proceed to log in to your just-created account; this will take you to your trader’s dashboard.
  4. Navigate the sidebars and select the sell gift card tab. Start by entering your gift card info like the card type, category and amount. For this case, select Steam wallet as our gift card category and choose the type you want to sell. Some of the common types include USA Steam physical gift cards, USA Steam ecodes, Steam ecodes for Canada, Physical gift cards for Canada, Euro Steam physical gift cards, Euro Steam ecodes, UK Physical gift cards, New Zealand ecodes, and physical gift cards for Switzerland. All are available at different rates.
  5. Click the button below to proceed after you must have seen the value of your gift card in Naira. The next interface is where you enter the gift card info. Gift card number, photo of the gift card, and other information as it relates to the nature of the gift card.
  6. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click the button below to complete your trade. Verification would take a few minutes, and you get your money in your wallet.
  7. Proceed to the withdrawal tab to cash out funds into your local bank account. To do this, you must first enter your bank details in the section provided. Ensure the account details you are entering are correct, then hit the button to withdraw. Cash outcomes in almost immediately, so you can trade gift cards and get funds even in a rush.

Note: You can add more than one bank account to your trader’s dashboard should you want to switch accounts. Enjoy trading.