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What app turns gift card into cash

In Nigeria and other countries, several gift card trading apps and sites are used to convert gift cards to naira. However, not all of these apps and sites are reliable, fast, and efficient. Some of them are just a clone of the best, and they provide relatively poor services or none at all.

Experienced gift card traders have learnt the hard way to choose the best instead of perusing the functionalities and reliability of different apps and sites. New gift card traders must learn from this and take the shorter route to choose the best gift card trading platform to evade the downsides of trading with poor gift card trading platforms.

redeem your gift cards in nigeria

In Nigeria, the number one gift card trading app is Giftcards Hub, and there are several reasons why this is true. At the Giftcards Hub, trading Gift cards are the only business of the day. You can sell gift cards for cash and get the payment immediately. Transaction speed, customer service, and trading rates here are seamless. Below are some reasons why GC Hub is your go-to Gift card trading platform.

Why trade gift cards with the Gift cards Hub?

  1. Mouthwatering rates: What more brightens a trader’s mood and makes them want to trade more of not good profit? Getting the best rate for gift card trading is what makes any trader interested in choosing a gift card trading platform. Nobody wants to exchange at N500 per dollar if they can get it done for N550 elsewhere. Giftcards Hub provides you with gift card trading at the direct Chinese rate. See all our rates on the gift card rate calculator and make a move on your first trade.
  2. Speed-light transactions: More than getting the best rates, Giftcards Hub also has an impeccable touch on the speed of completing a transaction. No matter how high the rates are, getting your money off gift cards fast is the beauty of Gift card trading. Here, gift card trading starts and completes in a few minutes. Start your trade, get verification, and cash out ASAP.
  3. All-round-the-clock trading: Nothing beats trading at the precise time you want to trade. With Giftcards Hub, there are no opening and closing hours for trading. You can sell as you like at whatever time that you like. Even at night or at the weirdest time you can think of; gift card trading is a go at any time.
  4. 24/7 customer support: A good gift card trading platform should be available to receive requests, complaints, or feedback all the time. Giftcards Hub has made 24/7 professional customer support available for all visitors on the website or mobile app. So, if you are a new trader and think trading might be a lot to handle, we have competent hands to guild you every step of the way.
  5. Extensive coverage of Gift card types: Smart gift card traders know that they must choose a site that allows them to trade all of their favourite gift cards at a go. Here, we accept all the gift cards that you may want to turn into cash. Some acceptable gift cards are Nike, iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, Macy, Steam, Sephora, Nordstrom, Xbox, eBay, Vanilla, Visa, Amex, Google Play, Apple Store, etc.
  6. Gift card rate checker: The rates for trading gift cards like other digital assets change with demands and other factors. The only way to keep traders updated on the new rates is to have a steadily updated system. If you wonder how much you can get for selling your gift card in Nigeria, check the rate calculator now.
  7. Constantly updated Blog Info about gift cards: Need info on how to trade gift cards or gift cards generally, we have a truckload of content on our blog. If you are new to gift card trading, surfing through our blog would be a great place to start.
  8. Easy-to-navigate platform: Here at Giftcards Hub, we have paid good attention to how easy our traders find it to use our trading platforms. You certainly do not have to watch a video or read a pdf to understand how to navigate the platform. In the following easy steps, you will successfully land your first gift card fund in your bank account.

How to trade gift card for naira

  1. Visit or download the app on Google Play Store.
  2. Create an account and log in.
  3. Enter gift card details in the area provided, and the order required. Select your gift card category, type and amount.
  4. Check the amount to naira and tap the button below to proceed.
  5. Enter your gift card number, photo and other details as they may relate to your trade.
  6. Read and agree to terms and conditions. Proceed to submit your trade.
  7. Verification will take a few minutes, and you will be credited immediately after it completes.
  8. Withdrawal is swift. Enter your bank details in the section provided and get cash in your account directly.