Uses of Nike gift card

Whether you have just purchased a Nike gift card or you received one from a friend or close relative, it is also important that you know the list of things that you can get with your Nike gift card. You might even like to know out of curiosity. You know, knowledge is power, they say. Today is your lucky day!

Gifting gift cards have now become the new normal in the US and other countries. The gift card innovation has gained more popularity and acceptance in the last 10 years than most industry inventions. Maybe this is why you now have a gift card that you would like to know how to use or what you can get with it.

 The major use of a Nike gift card is to buy items from Nike’s online and physical stores. However, it can go far beyond that. In this post, we will be going into the uses of this wonder card and how to use it. Later in this post, we would take a quick peek into the basic things you should know about a Nike gift card.

What are the uses of a Nike gift card?

  1. Nike gift cards as a gift item: Whatever money can buy from Nike is what a Nike gift card can get you. If you know a friend or family that badly wants a Nike product, all you need do is get them a gift card that is perfect for their desired item. Nike gift cards are a less stressful alternative to regular gift giving. If you find it tough to choose a Nike product for a friend, save yourself the stress and send them a gift card.
  2. Buy products online: Nike Air Max, Nike Air, Jordan, converse products, and more are what you can buy online with your Nike gift card. You might have an athlete friend that would appreciate some new kicks for soccer; get him/her a Nike gift card and tell them to shop online. Check or, pick your items and pay with your gift card.
  3. Use Nike gift cards in-store: You can also be Nike’s walk-in customer. Nike gift cards are also redeemable in Nike conventional stores. To use it in-store, walk into any Nike store around you, pick up your items, and make payment with your gift card.
  4. Get cash in naira: If you are wondering if you can sell your Nike gift card for cash in Nigeria, the answer is YES. With Giftcards Hub, you can sell virtually any gift card and get paid into your local bank account matter of minutes. Here at Giftcards Hub, we accept both physical and digital gift cards for instant cash sales. Immediately you provide the required details, you can be sure to receive the naira equivalent of your gift card in no time. Visit to get started with gift card trading.

Features of a Nike gift card that you must know

  1. Types of Nike gift cards: Nike gift cards are of two variants; the physical plastic card and the digital eGift card. The physical gift card is the one that is sent to your mailbox after purchase, and you can receive it physically. This type is similar to debit and credit cards of a regular bank account. However, gift cards are not attached to a bank account.

Gift cards are preloaded money cards that are issued by banks, retail stores, and financial service providers. There are lots of gift cards that are peculiar to different brands and businesses. Some common gift card issuers like Nike include Walmart, eBay, Google Play, Steam, iTunes, and more.

Unlike physical gift cards, digital gift cards are delivered to your email address. Digital gift cards are also known eCodes or eGift cards and they carry the same value as physical gift cards. You can look at eGift cards in the light of Virtual debit or credit cards. They are all redeemable for Nike products.

  • Gift card denominations: These gift cards are designed in various denominations to enhance affordability and patronage. If you want to get a Nike product that is between $25 and $50 for a friend, sending them a $50 gift card will not only get them the product, but also allow them the luxury of deciding the type, colour, design, and texture of their gift.
  • Do not expire: Nike gift cards are designed to never expire. So far you have your codes, your fund is safe. This can be a great way for you to save funds for the future or budget expenses.
  • Pay with more than one gift card: Yes, you can make payment with more than one gift card, whether when you buy stuff online or offline. If one gift card balance is not sufficient to complete your payment, you can complete payment with another, gift card, cash, or other card payment methods that are available.