How to Sell Footlocker Gift Cards for Cash

Footlocker Gift Card is a gift card issued by the American sportswear/footwear retailer that has been one of the names taking the lead in the sportswear industry. It has its retail shops in many countries, including America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. 

What is Footlocker Gift Card used for?

Footlocker Gift Card could be used as payment for the purchase of athletic footwear and clothes in any Foot Locker store, including their Lady Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker stores, as well as Eastbay phone orders or Eastbay catalogue, and Champ Sports in the U.S. The card can be used for purchase on any of their websites,, or Also, Footlocker Gift Cards can be used on 

Footlocker Gift Cards can be pre-loaded in any amount ranging from $10 to $250, which you can use to make payments at any Footlocker store, both online and offline. An upside to Footlocker Gift Card is that it does not have any fee or expiry date. If you return an item and you used Footlocker Gift Card as the original payment, it will be refunded with a new Footlocker Gift Card for the return value as applicable.

How to check Footlocker Gift Card Balance

You may need to check your FootlockerGift Card balance if you do not know the amount on it. And as required, you will need to know your balance before you use it for purchase or redeem it. To check your Footlocker Gift Card balance offline, call 1-877-254-3333 and follow the prompts. To check your balance online, click this link.

Where to exchange your Footlocker Gift Cards for Cash

One thing is to know how much your Footlocker Gift Card can fetch you; another is to know the best platform to exchange your Footlocker Gift Card for cash. That is another solution this article provides for you. 

When you consider consistent and satisfying transactions with fantastic rates, GiftCards Hub is the best platform for those highlights. We are committed to maintaining the highest trade profits for you, so you can rest assured that you will get your Footlocker Gift Card exchanged at a fantastic rate.

How to Sell Footlocker Gift Cards for Cash

Note that Footlocker does not have any of its stores in Africa. Now, what would you do if you got a Footlocker Gift Card and you find yourself in an African country? Or you have a Footlocker Gift Card but do not want to use it for any purchase. This article will show you how to redeem your Footlocker Gift Card for cash on the coolest platform in Nigeria. 

You can redeem your Footlocker Gift Cards for naira on our website or app. Our android app is available on Google Play Store. Download the GiftCards Hub app on Google Play Store from here. Trade your Footlocker Gift Card for cash swiftly, following these simple steps below:

Get an account with GiftCards Hub 

Tap this here to create an account on GiftCards Hub. Log in with your details after the registration. Log into your account through this link if you already have an account with us. Add your bank account details after your registration. It will serve as your withdrawal option when you want to withdraw.

Sell your Footlocker Gift Card

Once you log into your account, our rate calculator will be right there on your dashboard. Choose Footlocker in the gift card category. Select the Footlocker type in the gift card section. Then input the amount you want to trade in the amount box. The rate will be displayed immediately below the box as you type the amount. The current rate of a $500 Footlocker Gift Card on GiftCards Hub is NGN 192,500.00. Always note that the rate is subject to change and constantly updated to make the best rates possible available to you.

To continue your transaction, click the Proceed to Trade button. Fill the boxes on the page that will follow with the necessary information, and upload a clear image of the back of your Footlocker Gift Card. It is important that you read the Terms of Trade carefully before you conclude your transaction. Send your order and wait for the confirmation. This transaction you just read takes only a few minutes to execute.

Withdraw your money with no delay

As soon as your transaction is confirmed, your payment will be sent to your GiftCards Hub wallet; the wallet on your dashboard. It will be displayed on your dashboard. To withdraw your cash, scroll down to the withdrawal section, it is tagged Withdraw funds. Enter the amount you will like to withdraw and select the bank you added earlier after your registration. Then wait for your bank account to be credited with the cash you withdrew.