Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly

Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly: From this post, users will learn how to convert their gift cards into cash in Nigeria and Ghana. This post is a complete guide on how you can sell your iTunes gift card on GiftcardHub. 

An iTunes gift card is a very versatile gift card; it can be used to purchase digital contents of all forms from the iTunes store and the Apple app store. However, its usefulness does not extend into Nigeria or Ghana. Therefore, if you own an iTunes gift card, what do you do? The card becomes valuable when you sell it for cash on the different platforms available.

GiftcardHub is one of the best platforms for converting gift cards to cash in Nigeria and Ghana. In this article, we will explain how to use GiftcardHub and give reasons why you should use this platform. 

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About iTunes Gift Card

Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly

Sell iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly

iTunes is a media company that was founded in 2001 by Apple Inc. It was initially founded to be a media player and library. However, iTunes has evolved into a digital content management utility even after incorporating internet radio services. Users of iTunes gain access to digital content by subscribing to the service. Since its inception, the services offered on iTunes include the Apple Music streaming platform, iTunes Podcasts, Beats One radio station, App Store, and Apple Books. 

iTunes also contains the iTunes Music Store that allows users to buy and download songs. Nowadays, users can also purchase TV shows contents from the iTunes Store.   

To enhance its sales, Apple offers iTunes gift cards that are used to make purchases on the Apple App Store, iTunes Store and to increase Apple iCloud storage. In 2020, Apple introduced a new gift card that was a merger of their Apple Store gift card and the iTunes gift card called Apple Gift Card. The presence of the Apple Gift Card does not invalidate the iTunes gift card; the iTunes gift card is available in different denominations and countries. The Apple Gift Card is available in the US only. 

The iTunes gift cards are one of the most popular due to the volume of products available to you it. They occur in both digital and physical formats and can be gotten in both physical and online stores. 

How to Sell your iTunes Gift Card for cash instantly

There are several gift card trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana. The first step in selling your iTunes gift card is to choose your trader. I recommend GiftcardHub because we have a track record of rendering quality service. 

The process of selling your iTunes gift card on GiftcardHub is a simple three-step process. 

Register, Trade, Payment

For the first step, you need to sign up for the GiftcardHub process to carry out any transactions on the platform. 

– Visit the website or download the app from the Google Playstore. 

– On the homepage of the desktop website, click on Trade Now. It leads you to the sign-up page. 

– If you have an account with GiftcardHub, click on Sign In instead. If not, fill in your detail in the fields provided.

When you have completed the step of registering on the GiftcardHub platform, the website leads you to your dashboard. The dashboard keeps a record of all your transactions on the GiftcardHub platform. 

– From the dashboard page, select Continue to Trade Card. 

– It leads you to the page where you input all the card details. In this case, you are selling an iTunes gift card. Select iTunes gift card and fill in the details of the card you are selling. 

– Provide the image of the card in the field provided for validation purposes. 

– Click on Place Order at the bottom of the page and wait for verification. 

When the card is verified by the team, you will be credited to your GiftcardHub wallet. The step of verification is the longest of all the processes as it is the most delicate step. However, the period of verification does not exceed two hours.

After your GiftcardHub wallet has been credited, you can decide to transfer your fund to your bank account. 

GiftcardHub, The Best Platform for Gift Card Trading – iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly

If you have been a victim of countless swindling and ripping off, we have brought a solution to you. The solution to slow response time during trades, low exchange rates, and poor customer relations. GiftcardHub has come with the solution to your troubles. 

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iTunes Gift Card for Cash Instantly