Which Gift Card Trading Platform Has The Highest Rate In 2023

The question regarding “gift card rates” is one of the most asked ones in regard to trading gift cards. Everyone wants to know the best place to trade their gift card to get the best value. Apart from the exchange rate, there are other features to look for in a platform before trusting them with your gift card, features like;

  • Security
  • Types of gift cards accepted on the platform
  • User experience
  • Payment options

There are lots of gift card vendors in the market, however, no one beats the service offered by Giftcards Hub; the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria. Before we dive into why Giftcards Hub is the best choice for you, let’s do a little introduction to some gift card terminology.

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid debit card preloaded with a particular amount of funds that can be used to make purchases online in stores or exchanged for Cash. There are various brands of gift cards in the world, as most establishments have a gift card, Examples are, Google, Apple, Amazon, Sephora, Steam, Nike, Netflix, Spotify, PlayStation and Xbox to mention a few

Gift cards can come in different forms like; physical cards, digital cards (e-codes), and gift vouchers. Physical gift cards and digital gift cards each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, catering to different preferences and situations

Physical Gift Card

Physical gift cards are physical, plastic or cardboard cards that can be held and presented as a gift. They are the oldest form of gift card and are considered the conventional gift option.

If lost or stolen, physical gift cards may be challenging to replace or refund.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards exist in electronic format and can be sent via email, messaging apps, or mobile apps. They offer instant delivery, making them suitable for last-minute gifts or long-distance gifting. One major disadvantage of Digital gift cards is that some of them expire, so it is important to check the terms before buying them.

Best Platform To Trade Your Gift Card In 2023

Giftcards Hub boasts some of the most favourable exchange rates within the gift card exchange market. Numerous factors influence the rate at which vendors exchange gift cards, with the relationship between supply and demand of the gift card playing a pivotal role. Additionally, the popularity of a specific gift card can impact its exchange rate. However, unlike mediocre exchange platforms which often offer low exchange rates due to these factors, at Giftcards Hub, we consistently stand out by offering the best exchange rates in the market, ensuring clients receive the best return on their gift card trade.

It is also worth mentioning that at Giftcards Hub we process transactions within a few minutes. Depending on how familiar you are with trading gift cards, you can complete the entire process of trading and receiving payment within 10 minutes. Our customer-centric platform is designed to prioritize your satisfaction. Once the authenticity of your gift card is verified, you can expect to receive your payment promptly.

We understand the essential need to satisfy our customers, hence we have put a 24/7 customer support system in place to give viable solutions to any difficulty you might encounter using the platform. 

Some Great Features Of Giftcards Hub

  • Good exchange rate for gift cards.
  • Top-notch security and customer support system
  • Speedy transactions and payouts any time of the day
  • Easy-to-navigate website and mobile app.

How to sell gift cards for cash on Giftcards Hub

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  • The first step is to create an through the website or download their mobile app on the Google Play Store if you are an existing user. For existing users, sign in to your account to gain access to the trade function.
  • On the homepage click on “Trade Now” and select the type of gift card you want to trade.
  • Enter the Amount in dollars. The exchange rate will be calculated immediately and the value will be displayed in Naira.
  • Proceed to place the order
  • Set up your account by inputting your bank details. 
  • Funds will be sent to your account immediately after the authenticity of your gift card is confirmed.