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The steady evolvement of technology has cut across all facets of life, even down to our day-to-day activities. The improvement in technology has led to innovation in different fields, better communication means, cost efficiency, time-saving, easy accessibility, etc. Gift cards are a form of prepaid debit cards loaded with funds for future use. They can be used to make payments at retail stores, gas stations, hotels, restaurants, etc. Gift cards are purchased physically. Due to technological advancement, e-codes were introduced.

E-codes also referred to as virtual gift cards or digital rewards, are delivered through SMS, email address, or specific applications. E-codes serve as a perfect replacement for those who want to get a gift card but do not have the time to get at a store physically. As easy and convenient this seems, due care has to be put in place to ensure that one doesn’t get scammed. Because e-cards are mostly traded online, it becomes very prone to fraudulent activities.

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Advantages | About e-codes

Convenience; the ease attached to getting e-gift cards has been one of its most significant advantages. The stress and time wasted on having to go to a physical store to get it is avoided. E-gift cards can be processed and received comfortably anywhere and any time. They are easy to deliver.

Security; one of the disadvantages of physical cards is the ability to unveil the codes before it reaches its owner. Some scammers get to secretly open the seal of the cards to copy the codes, which eventually makes it useless to the end-users. For e-codes, the codes are delivered directly to your email or phone or through an application. This makes it secure and reliable.

Cost-Effective; the extra cost associated with moving to a physical store to purchase gift cards or having them delivered to you or your recipient is avoided. The gift card you intend to purchase will be delivered to your email or through an app. This has further encouraged the usage of gift e-codes.

Presentable; one of the significant importance of gifting is having your recipient appreciate and value whatever you are presenting to them. Therefore, the issue of deciding the appropriate gift becomes a major challenge. Gift card has overtime solved the problem of value and general acceptability. E-codes now makes it much easier and presentable because of their universal acceptability. It’s a 21st century way of presenting a gift.

Easy to keep; one of the issues with gift cards is placing them wrongly and searching when you need them. E-codes are sent to you by email or phone or through an application. Once you don’t have these details shared with anyone, your e-codes are safe and can be used anytime you need them.

As countless as the advantages of E-codes are, there are certain shortfalls discovered over time. – About e-codes

The issue of wrong email; one of the common issues with e-code is sending the codes to the wrong email address or an invalid email. If the case is sending it to a wrong email, the card can be redeemed by the recipient before it gets traced, and this can be a significant loss. So you want to be extra careful before sending out your email.

Online fraud; Email, social media accounts, phone numbers, etc are requested to enable you get a new code if the previous one is lost or forgotten. However, this can make you a major target if you are falling into the hand of scammers.

The issue of not being able to redeem at physical stores; One other challenge of e-gift cards is not being able to spend all e-gift cards in person. Some companies can tell the difference between gift cards purchased physically and online. Some retail stores also do not allow e-gift cards to be spent in physical stores (used only online).

Easy to forget; having physical cards for sure makes it easier for you to remember you have a gift card. E-codes sometimes get overlooked because we don’t get to see them frequently.

Sometimes not presentable; e-codes doesn’t come with the regular packaging that accompanies physical cards. E-codes often seem unpresentable, especially when gifting a middle-aged person or gifting for a significant occasion.