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Best Website to redeem your gift cards in Nigeria

Redeeming Gift Card in Nigeria

Redeem your gift cards in Nigeria

Redeeming your gift card in Nigeria could come with a few constraints, this we know. People who have been trading for a long time will certainly have had several experiences with various gift card exchange sites. Considering the level of dependence and urgency of transactions associated with the exchange of gift cards for different traders, traders must get a few things right when redeeming their gift cards.

Several websites in Nigeria offer trading and exchange of Gift cards for cash. These websites vary widely in their functionality, speed, and ease of use. is one of the latest advanced and most used sites in Nigeria. Our services are sort after within and outside Nigeria as we carry a good reputation of improving customer’s UI/UX, reducing network lag-time, and optimizing their request and feedback system.

Gift card hub is one of the best eCommerce platforms that offer the best rate for your gift card exchange within and outside Nigeria. Are you a new or existing gift card trader; looking for the best sites to trade your card funds? Look no more! With this platform, your transactions are in safe hands.

redeem your gift cards in nigeria

Why should I trade my gift card at Gift card Hub?

As an establishment, Gift card Hub has risen from the mistakes and lopsided treatments offered to customers by other exchange platforms. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to mitigate the downsides of the services offered in this industry. The following are a few plus points for gift card traders looking to improve their trading experience with Gift card Hub:

1) Swift response to buyer’s demand

Our concern about the time each customer spends to complete their transaction on the site is second to none. Everyone appreciates a website where you can easily walk through their products and services, decide what you want, make payments, and complete the transaction as quickly as possible. It is what Gift card hub offers to their customers.

Trading your gift card here will save you a lot of time and aid your intentions into reality as quickly as possible. Customers receive instant payment for their card funds after the exchange successfully verifies their card.

2) Secured financial data

The Gift card hub is SSL certified. It means the information uploaded on the site remains secured and encrypted from potential internet threats. Traders are often skeptical about the financial information and secrecy of their gift card transactions. That is why this is one of the important areas that Gift card Hub has invested in satisfying its customers.

3) Stand-by customer service agent

Regardless of the excellent user interface and website experience available to aid fast transactions, our customer service responsiveness is top notch. Considering that customers will always have requests, complaints, and feedback on the services that are provided to them, Gift card hub already worked something out.

A steady customer service attendant is readily available to attend to all complaints. You will get to chat with an actual person, place your request, and get an adequate response.Offers regular information and training on their service and the exchange market at large: New traders should find this feature essential to getting them started on trading their cards. Gift card hub offers a blogging service on their website to keep their customers informed and updated concerning recent happenings. They also give information concerning other related services and educated new traders on various gift cards. This resource is also available to non-account holders with Gift card hub.

4) Social media presence

A critical area that various exchanges tend to neglect in their business formation is their social media availability. Gift card hub understands the importance of our social media presence; that is why we manage various social media platforms. The gift card hub Instagram handle is giftcardhub_ng.

On our Instagram Handle, traders can learn more about their services and visit the bio or directly message us. We also manage a 24/7 WhatsApp chat contact, ready to receive your order at any time. Various testimonies and snapshots of our previous transactions are also on IG to fill you with enough confidence to trade your cards with them.

5) Wide coverage of various gift card verification and acceptability

When it comes to the range of acceptability and exchanges we offer for various gift cards, we are the leading champion in Nigeria. Some of the cards we accept are Amazon, iTunes, eBay, Xbox, Google play, and Sephora.

6) Direct payment to Local banks

You do not have to go through the stress of exchanging the dollar for Naira or Crypto for Naira. Gift card Hub makes your payment directly to your local bank upon card verification. It sounds too good to be true, but it is truly as good as it sounds!