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How to create account on GiftCardsHub

Create account on Giftcardshub

Since 2017,  Gift Cards Hub has been in the business of buying and selling gift cards at the most profitable rates. At Gift Cards Hub, we prioritize our customers! We ensure that every trade brings a smile to your face. We offer high rates, high profits, high speed, and high satisfaction. We offer a wide range of trade. We buy and sell Amazon, eBay, Target, Steam Wallet, Google play, OffGamers, Foot Locker, Visa, Nike, Sephora, Vanilla, G2A, American Express (AMEX), etc. One big advantage you’ll enjoy on Gift Cards hub is the “ease of trade”. You a enjoy an easy-to-use platform that loads with light speed to enable you to carry out your transactions in the least possible time.

5 simple steps to create an account on Gift Cards Hub

Step 1) Visit our website on and click the “trade now” option.

create account on gift cards hub

Step 2) Register your account; Provide the necessary details to get your account registered. You’ll be required to provide a unique Username, email, phone number, and password. Ensure you check the privacy policy & terms of Gift cards Hub and check the acceptance box to complete your registration.

Step 3) Welcome to Giftcards Hub

Features that make Gift Cards Hub stand out.

  1. Best trading rate; At Gift cards hub, we understand that everyone wants to make profit from their trade, that is why we have ensured that we make available the best market rates for every trade. For each gift card you trade, you get the best rates in the market. You can check out our rate calculator to confirm that we offer you the best rates.
  2. Referral Bonus; At Gift cards hub, you get #500 on every customer you refer with your unique referral link. Once your referee carries out a transaction, you automatically get #500 credited to your Gift Cards hub wallet.
  3. Ease of use; Gift card’s hub website is very easy to use for new gift card traders and professional traders. The website is mobile responsive and super fast to trade.
  4. 24/7 Customer support; Gift card’s Hub has a robust customer service department that works around the clock to ensure that all your questions and queries are promptly attended to. We understand that customers don’t like waiting for so long to get attended to. That is why we make sure that our support team is readily available to respond to you.
  5. Instant Payment; With Gift Cards Hub, there is no delay with payment. Once you submit your card, it will be processed instantly. Once your card is confirmed, your Gift card hub wallet will be credited immediately.  You can also withdraw to your bank account immediately. Everything happens with light speed on gift cards on hub.
  6. Security; We understand that no one wants to get scammed of their gift card. That is why we have ensured to include extra security measures to safeguard your details. At Gift Cards Hub, we have a strong security firewall to keep scammers at bay. You can be sure that your transactions and financial details cannot be tampered with.