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Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate in Nigeria 2021

Which Gift Card has the Highest Rate in Nigeria 2021

There are almost no gift cards made for the Nigerian market; hence, people can only convert their gift cards to cash. Selling your gift cards in Nigeria has its peculiarities, one of them being the rate. The rate for each gift card is determined by the exchange and the factors responsible for the rate are:

– The availability of the card

– The currency of the card (GBP gift cards have higher rates than USD gift cards)

– The exchange rate

– Law of demand and supply

– The type (physical gift cards exchange for higher rates than digital gift cards)

One of the challenges gift card resellers face in Nigeria is the problem of low rates. However, GiftCardHub has come up with a solution for the problem by buying at rates at very decent rates. In the past, most sellers lost up to 50% of the original value of the card. With the introduction of Giftcardhub into the scene, this is an old story.

What gift cards have the highest rates on Giftcardhub?

  1. Amazon US gift card: The Amazon US cash receipt (50-100) rate is averagely N300/$1 based on sampling different gift card traders. However, the rate on GiftcardHub is N330/$1. You can check out Giftcardhub rates using their rates calculator.
  2. eBay Gift Card: The eBay physical gift card goes for a rate of N280/$1 on other trading platforms such as GiftcardstoNaira. It goes for N330/$1 on Giftcardhub, while the e-code gift card goes for N300/$1. Other gift card exchanges such as Astro Africa and Cardtonic have their exchange rates at N310/$1 and N305/$1 respectively.
  3. iTunes Gift Card: There are iTunes gift cards with different currencies. However, we will emphasize the US iTunes gift cards. On Giftcardhub, the $100 US iTunes gift card exchanges for a rate of N320/$1, while the $200 and $300 gift cards have an exchange rate of N330/$1.
  4. Nordstrom Gift Card: When compared with other gift card traders, Giftcardhub offers an improved rate of N340/$1 for the $100-$300 Nordstrom gift card. They offer N350/$1 for the $400-$500 Nordstrom gift card. Other exchanges such as Cardtonic have their rate for the $100 Nordstrom gift card at N325/$1, while GiftcardstoNaira has it at N330/$1.
  5. Steam Gift Card: Steam is another company with a wide range of gift cards for different currencies. The most popular Steam gift cards are the UK Steam gift cards and the US steam gift cards (physical and e-code). US Steam physical gift card exchanges for N280/$1 on Giftcardhub. The UK physical steam gift card goes for N400/£1. On GiftcardstoNaira, they have the UK physical steam gift card going for N370/£1.

Click here to find out the rate of gift cards on Giftcardshub

Why GiftCardHub?

As we see from the earlier section, Giftcardhub arguably hsa the best gift card rates in Nigeria. You can check out their rates using their rates calculator.

Giftcardshub has a very user-friendly interface. It allows users ease when using the platform. They also have technical support staff always on standby on the website. Customers can lodge complaints and receive responses as quickly as possible. It is because the team prioritizes the needs of their customers.

The website was built with critical security architecture integrated into it. Giftcardshub does not trivialize the security of the financial details of its customers. There are lots of criminals on the internet stalking online financial transactions so they can wreak havoc on unsuspecting individuals.

The team at Giftcardshub is very wary of these individuals and has set apparatus in place to prevent such incidents.

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How to sell your gift cards on Giftcardshub

Step 1: Visit the giftcardshub website

Step 2: On the homepage of the website, click on “Trade Now”

Step 3: It brings you to the Sign Up page. On the sign-up page, input your details and click on create an account.

Step 4: Go to your email address and confirm the email received from Giftcardshub.

Step 5: You will be directed to the rate calculator page.

Step 6: Click on “Continue to Trade Card”. Select the type of card you want to sell and fill in the card details.

Step 7: Wait for the card to be confirmed. When the card is confirmed, you will be credited.