Where can I buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Where can I buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Where can I buy an Amazon Gift Card?

Where can I buy an Amazon Gift Card? Amazon Gift Cards are preloaded cards with a fixed amount of money and can be used to purchase anything the user wants on Amazon Stores either online or in person.  Speaking in “anything” terms, Amazon sells back-to-school supplies, beauty and personal care products, photography equipment, video games, clothing, shoes, jewelry, home and kitchen appliances, sports and outdoor products, books, etc.

Amazon Gift Cards are always the perfect ideas for a last-minute present for all age brackets, you do not have to be anxious if you just remembered Niece Esther’s baby shower is the following day. An Amazon Gift Card will definitely come in handy because there are a plethora of possible items one can shop for with an Amazon Gift Card so you are basically placing the ball in the court, “Get whatever you wish”, making it even more interesting and endearing than getting them a plain specific gift. Amazon Gift Cards range from $15, $20, $25, $50, $75 to higher than $100, depending on the amount you want to store in it.

There are three major types of Amazon Gift Cards: 

Anytime Gift Cards, Physical and eGift Cards.

Anytime Gift Cards: are plastic cards literally worthless as at the time of purchase (because of their zero value). You get to load cash on them anytime you want (hence the name) and then activate them. To load your balance into an Anytime Gift Card, follow the steps stated below carefully:

  • Visit www.amazon.in/loadgc
  • Input your 16-digit code at the back of your Amazon Gift Card and choose the amount you want to load.
  • Proceed to make payment.

Physical gift cards: are usually already loaded with money, all you have to do, sometimes, though is to activate them. They get mailed or delivered to the address you specify during your order. They are displayed in varying designs to suit the occasion you would like to use them for.

eGift Cards: This is similar in usage to the Physical gift cards, only that this type is literally faxed to you through your email address. Basically, you can print your eGift Cards information as evidence to the cashier at the soon to be mentioned stores or show the merchant your email on your smartphone.

Below is a short list of participating retail stores in which Amazon Gift Cards can be purchased:

  • Apple Market
  • Blairs Market
  • Dillion
  • Family Express
  • Country Fair
  • Huffman’s Grocery
  • Gerland’s 
  • Fry’s Electronics
  • Dry Creek Station
  • Don’s Market
  • Felker
  • GG’s Marketplace and lots more.

There are however few restrictions the Amazon Gift Card has:

It cannot be used to purchase another gift card or certain ineligible goods and services such as collectibles like coins. 

Off Amazon.com the gift card is disallowed. This is a good method one can be scammed, beware! Any non-Amazon individual that implores you to use an Amazon Gift Card for any payment for any goods or services is a fraudster!

Since we have highlighted some physical stores, an Amazon Gift Card can be gotten. Let us discuss the best way it can be bought online. Follow the steps below to learn more:

  • Visit www.giftcardshub.com.ng This is the official website of the most outstanding e-commerce business in the whole of Nigeria. Just follow the link and watch the magic play!
  • If you do not have a pre-existing account, sign in with the details you are required to fill.
  • After your account must have been created successfully, click the “Buy” option and a page will be displayed to you in which the various values of the cards are stated.
  • Click on the specific Amazon Gift Card value you want.
  • Pay the amount mentioned and as easy as it can get, the transaction is completed at the bat of an eyelid!