How do I use my Walmart Gift Card?

How do I use my Walmart Gift Card?

How do I use my Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart Gift Cards; are non-expiry certificates or vouchers issued by the Walmart company. Generally, gift cards were created to provide a better and more convenient method of payment for consumers who do not like carrying cash around. In the same vein, the Walmart Gift Card is an evidence of Walmart’s efforts in ensuring a stress-free patronization and more importantly, consumer satisfaction.

Walmart Gift Cards may either be plastic i.e physical or an e-gift card purchased online. It is important to note they are pretty much the same, just that you can carry the plastic gift card around just like normal debit cards while for an e-gift card, you literally have it in your email since all information that you should have access to is sent to your email address on acquisition.

Let us move into the point of discussion:

We should start by knowing the places your Walmart Gift Card could be used.

Walmart Gift Cards and eGift Cards may be used at any Walmart Retail Stores, online on, at Walmart gas stations, etc.

Your Walmart Gift Card can be used to buy:

  • Family wears
  • Health products
  • School supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Lawn and garden items
  • Home furnishings
  • Pet supplies
  • Beauty products
  • Automotive Products(motor vehicles, etc)

From the above listed products, it is obvious that whatever you just want and can think of is being sold at Walmart.

There are however few restrictions to places your Walmart Gift Card can be used. As normal for gift cards, their companies prohibit their usage at online adult and gambling sites, for recurring payments, etc.

As stated in the Walmart Gift Cards’ Terms of Use, the gift cards may be given as presents to loved ones for any celebration or even gotten for personal use. It is disallowed to be used in connection with any marketing, advertising, or other promotional activities via websites, newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios and any other media.

Since we have established that, let us talk about making payments with your Walmart Gift Card for items online:

  • At the checkout page after must have added the items you have bought to your cart and confirmed your delivery details.
  • Click “Gift Card” as your payment option.
  • Input your Walmart Gift Card number and PIN(Personal Identification Number).

For a plastic gift card, your PIN is that number seen after you have scratched off its covering at the back of your Walmart Gift Card and as stated earlier, an e-gift card user will have those details in their email box. 

Ensure you input your 16-digit card number and PIN correctly for your transaction to be successful. 

  • Click the “Apply Gift Card” icon.

If after you tried this, your payment is still not going, it is probably because the total amount of your order is greater than the balance on your Walmart Gift Card, this does not really call for a concern or panic. You can just use another payment option simultaneously to complete the order. 

Another amazing thing is that you can even use up to five gift cards at the same time to complete your payment.

How do I know the value of money remaining on the Walmart Gift Card?

Easy-peasy!. Read the below carefully:

To check your Walmart Gift Card Balance you will require your 16-digit gift card number and your PIN number in all cases.

  • One option you have is to contact the Walmart Gift Card Customer Service at 1-800-411-7942, tell the customer service representative at the end of the line your plight and provide him/her with the required information and details.
  • Another option is to visit and input your personal details in the respective fields provided.