How much is $100 Walmart Gift card in Naira

How much is $100 Walmart Gift card in Naira

100 Walmart Gift card in Naira

100 Walmart Gift card in Naira: The $100 Walmart gift card is unique. Most of the cool stuff in Walmart costs less than $100. For users of the gift card in Nigeria, Walmart gift cards are very hard to come by; they are not as popular as eBay, Sephora, Amazon gift cards, etc. There are no Walmart stores in Nigeria, neither do they ship their products to Nigeria. Hence most owners of gift cards in Nigeria only have the option of selling them for Naira.

When people sell their gift cards in Nigeria, there are a couple of issues they face. Many times, the sellers do not understand how the system works. Sometimes they express frustration at the low exchange rates; some users do not understand the ever-changing exchange rate.

When going through the different gift card exchange sites in Nigeria, there is a precise disparity in the different rates they use.

For example, the $100 Walmart gift card on Giftcardhub is bought by Giftcardhub at N32,000 at the rate of N320/$1. Other exchanges like prestmit offer the rate of N280/$1 for the Walmart physical gift card and N170/$1 for the eCode gift card. Cardtonic offers N22000 for the $100 Walmart gift card.

Many users also want to know how much the $25 and $50 Walmart Gift cards are in Naira. On Giftcardhub, there is a uniform for all Walmart gift cards which is N320/$1. It equals N8000 for the $25 gift card and N16000 for the $50 gift card. Other gift card trading platforms offer different rates for the $25 gift card and the $50 gift card.   

On Giftcardhub, the exchange rate is also dynamic due to different factors chief among which is the Naira to Dollar exchange rate.

On Giftcardhub, the exchange rate is also dynamic due to different factors chief among which is the Naira to Dollar exchange rate. You also discover that a Walmart gift card differs in price from outlet to outlet even in the US. This is likely to affect the exchange rate of the gift card to Naira.

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.How to Sell your Walmart Gift Card for Naira

Using Walmart gift cards to make purchases from Walmart stores is impossible here. If you then possess a Walmart gift card, will you wait to travel to the US before using it? With the increasing number of people who now own gift cards in Nigeria, it became imperative to develop a system to create a solution to the problem. Before we move on, what was the problem?

Nigerians had these gift cards, and these gift cards are unusable outside the US. The problem was making something profitable off the gift cards. A solution was born, the solution was to sell the gift card to gift card merchants for cash. One of such platforms providing a solution is Giftcardhub.

The procedures are as follows

– Visit or Download the Giftcardhub application from Google Playstore.

– On the homepage of the website or application, click on Trade Now.

– Sign up to Giftcardhub or sign in if you previously had an account.

– On your dashboard, input the details of the card you want to trade.

– For the $100 Walmart gift card, select USA Walmart in the field for the gift card category. Select Walmart in the Gift card field and type $100 in the amount field.

– Click on Trade Card

– Fill in the details of the gift card and upload the image of the gift card you want to sell. Click on place order to complete the transaction.

– Wait for the card to be verified. When the card is verified, you will be credited to your Giftcardhub wallet.

What to Know about Giftcardhub

Having a platform that allows you to trade gift cards in Nigeria is awesome. However, many platforms have left a sour taste in the mouth of clients. Giftcardhub came up as a gamechanger in the business of gift card business in Nigeria. With our awesome rates, clients can conveniently make profits from selling their gift cards.

Another challenge many people faced with selling their gift cards was the volume of untrustworthy agents. In the past, it was a risky venture trying to exchange your gift card for cash in Nigeria. Sinister individuals used to pry on the innocence of people to scam off their credit cards. With the advent of platforms like GiftcardHub on the gift card trading scene, users can ascertain our verity through different social proofs.

Issues like slow response time from the exchange have been wiped out from our platform. The entire duration of verifying a transaction on Giftcardhub is reduced to less than an hour. We also ensure that users do not have to wait for long to receive their funds in their bank accounts. Deliberate efforts are made to ensure our service delivery stays on par with expectations from our customers.

Visit today to start trading your gift cards at the best rates and conditions. You can also visit the website for more information on other gift cards.