Sell Razer gold gift card instantly

Sell Razer gold gift card: Razer is a multinational technology company that deals in the designing, developing, and sales of consumer electronics, gaming hardware, and financial services. It is a Singaporean-American tech company headquartered in One-north, Singapore, and California, United States.

The discussion about Razer in this post is not about the products and services they offer to the public. This post is concerned with the means of making prompt and easy payments availed to their customers. Razer is one place you can get all the computer games you want and the accessories needed to play such games. So, it would be nice to get a Razer gift card for a child or adult that fancies games.

A Razer gift card would serve as an alternative to the physical gift you would have given. With physical gifts, you would have to know quite a hand full of information about the recipient’s preference to avoid getting the wrong gift. Information like the type of gaming console, the specification of the games, and more are crucial to getting a physical gift. One could simply sum it up into a Gift card that is enough to buy all the recipient wants.

With Valentine on the way, a gamer’s Girlfriend might want to look into getting a Razer gift card. It is just a perfect gift for the season, and it suits the receiver. Other similar gift cards to Razer are Steam, Xbox, Best Buy, and Google play. Feel free to make your pick and see which suits you well.

Sell Razer gold gift card

Sell Razer gold gift card

Trading Razer Gold gift cards in Nigeria

About buying a gift card and sending it to a friend. It is not every time the story goes as that legend says. Sometimes, gift card receivers or the original purchaser may need cash in other areas. Razer gift cards and most gift cards do not allow gift cards to be redeemed for cash. An option for cardholders is to sell their gift cards at a rate to a gift card trading platform.

Gift card trading platforms are websites and applications where gift cards can be exchanged for local currencies like Naira, Cedis, Rupees, USD, and other currencies. There are several gift card trading platforms in Nigeria, but only a few are trusted and offer excellent services. Here at the Giftcards Hub, gift card trading is seamless and without complaints. Easy and interactive trading platform, Jaw-dropping rates, top-notch security, and 24/7 customer support are only a few features that make this platform the best.

Trade Razer Gold gift card with the Giftcards Hub mobile app

The Giftcards Hub does not only do gift card trading on the website. There is also the option of the mobile application for Andriod users. To download the app on Google Play Store, search for “Giftcards Hub” or follow the link below to download the app.

Download Giftcards Hub Mobile for Andriod on Google Play Store

How to Sell Razer Gold gift card for cash with Giftcards Hub

To sell gift cards with Giftcards hub – the steps are easy and quite relatable for anyone to understand. Below, we will discuss a few steps to trade your first Razer gift card for cash in Nigeria. Note that the process for trading on the mobile app is quite the same as that on the website. So, whichever platform you use, it doesn’t matter. One can even decide to switch between the two or use them alongside each other. Trading here is that fun and efficient!

The following are steps to selling a Razer Gold gift card on Giftcards Hub:

Log on to the official website on, or download the app on the Google play store as earlier discussed in this post.

Register your account by selecting “trade now” on the website or app homepage. You have to choose a username, password, mobile number, and enter your email address to register.

After creating your account, you can now log in to view your user dashboard.

The dashboard displays all the information that concerns your trading and the trading areas. Locate the trading area that is labeled “gift card Calculator.” You can ignore the Bank detail section and fill it in after trading is complete, but why do it after when you can do it before trading?

On the Trading area, select the gift card you want to sell and the category (if there is). In this case, select “Razer Gold” and enter the amount in USD. Once done, the gift card calculator will calculate the card equivalent in local currency based on the information provided.

Proceed to trade and be ready to provide the card number, card image, and other card information that is needed. This is for the card verification process.

After all relevant information has been provided, wait a few minutes for the verification process to complete.

After the verification process is complete, the cash equivalent will be paid to your wallet from which you can now transfer immediately to your preferred bank account.

Note that the Customer service is always online and is ready to attend to your needs during, before, or after your trading.

Sell Razer gold gift card