How to Sell Itunes Gift Card Instantly For Naira

iTunes Gift Cards are one of the most popular gift cards around. They are used to purchase items on Apple stores and apple related outlets. iTunes Gift cards can be used to access games, apps, songs, etc. iTunes gift card are prepaid. iTunes gift cards have various categories e.g ( USA iTunes physical, UK iTunes physical, Australia iTunes, Canada iTunes Physical, Germany iTunes Physical etc.

How do I check an iTunes gift card balance?

i. Sign in with your AppleID and password on iTunes

ii. Click “Account” and then under “View Apple ID” select “Redeem” from the menu. Input your gift card code correctly to view the balance.

Alternatively, put a call through to 1-800-MY-APPLE and follow the prompt.

What is a Gift card?

A gift card contains specific funds that you can use for purchases at strategic locations within a set time (expiration date). Gift cards work just like your bank debit card, which can perform many physical or e-based transactions. Gift cards are of two types: open-loop and closed-loop gift cards. The open-loop is widely accepted at many places (if not everywhere). You can also reload it after using up the funds. Examples include the Visa card and Mastercard.

You can use the open-loop cards anywhere the brand is available. They can be used at filling stations, shopping, making online transactions, and even better, making withdrawals via ATM. Despite the unlimited benefits of open-loop cards, they have certain limitations that scar their usefulness.

  • One is the activation fee incurred for procuring the card for usage. Depending on the brand policy, the activation fee is often priced at $5, which isn’t so for closed-loop gift cards.
  • Another disadvantage is the time limitation. Open-loop Gift cards have an expiry date after which you didn’t meet can cause fund wastage. Many people are guilty of this because they forget to use the card before the due date and waste the money.

They can only accept closed-loop Gift cards at strategic locations and retail shops. Unlike the open-loop card, you can only use them for a certain brand purchase and not beyond. Examples include:

  • The iTunes gift cards.
  • Amazon gift cards.
  • Starbucks gift cards.
  • Sephora gift cards.
  • Nike gift cards.
  • Others.

They are the most common type of gift card. To make this much more straightforward, You can only use an Amazon gift card to purchase Amazon products at their retail store and nowhere else. However, unlike the open-loop card, they do not attract any activation fee in which only the funds available in the card are used up. They also have some shortcomings, which include:

  • Limitations on what to buy: You may not be interested in purchasing the products offered by the brand issuing the card.
  • Once you misplace the card, you can’t retrieve it unless you remember the number and some details about the card.
  • The card attracts some inordinate fee for not using the card for a long time or at all (This applies to both the open-loop and closed-loop cards)

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