Types Of Gift Cards In Australia

It is a common practice in Australia to use gift cards as a gift item. This allows the recipient to choose their gift based on their preferences. With their widespread availability, gift cards are easily accessible in Australia, offering different options to customers. Gift cards come in various forms, we have digital gift cards, physical gift cards and open-looped (prepaid debit) gift cards.

In this article, we will share the various types of gift cards in Australia to get your loved ones. 

Popular Gift Card Types In Australia

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift card is very popular in Australia. Amazon is the biggest eCommerce hub in the world and its service is offered in Australia, This has contributed to the popularity of the gift card in the country. Amazon offers a vast array of products ranging from home decor, fashion, electronics, food items, DIY products and books.

You can purchase digital Amazon gift cards in various denominations ranging from $5 to $500, and they can be instantly delivered via email. Additionally, physical Amazon gift cards are available for purchase at select locations across Australia, including supermarkets, newsagents, and electronics stores. These physical cards typically come in denominations starting from $25 and going up to $500.

OneVanilla Gift Card

The OneVanilla gift card boasts widespread acceptance, making it a versatile payment method usable at numerous retail stores, online merchants, and service providers (Prepaid debit card). 

This card empowers recipients with the freedom to choose, allowing them to buy a diverse array of products or services aligned with their tastes from various vendors. Featuring a straightforward activation process and flexible usage options, this gift card presents an opportunity for users to get a tailored and personalized shopping experience.

Apple Store and iTunes Gift Card

Apple Store and iTunes Gift Card are the perfect gift for Apple device users. With these gift cards, Apple users can unlock the full potential of their Apple device, be it iPhones, iMac, iPad or even the Apple Watch.

The gift card gives access to Apple digital products like iCloud storage upgrades, millions of games, music, apps, movies TV shows, Books and more from the Apple ecosystem.

Australian Apple Store & iTunes gift cards are accessible in both digital and physical formats. Digital gift cards can be obtained in any desired denomination and sent immediately for convenient use. In contrast, physical gift cards are usually available at a range of $10 to $200 and can be purchased from major retailers across Australia.

Steam Gift Card

The Steam gift card is a highly sought-after option available in Australia, especially among gamers. Steam is a popular gaming platform known for its extensive collection of games, downloadable content, and various other exciting digital entertainment offerings. In essence, a Steam gift card enables recipients to explore and enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences available on the platform.

Physical Steam gift cards can be found around electronic stores across Australia. It comes in denominations of $20, $30, $50 and $100.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Australia

In Australia, you can purchase gift cards from various sources, both online and at physical retail locations. Here are common places where you can buy gift cards in Australia:

Retail Stores: Many brick-and-mortar retailers, such as supermarkets, department stores, electronics stores, and gift shops, sell a wide range of gift cards. Common options include gift cards for major retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Department stores like Myer and David Jones are known for having various gift cards in their aisle.

Online Retailers: Online shopping platforms like Amazon and eBay have become popular options because they offer a variety of gift cards that can be purchased digitally and delivered electronically.

Shopping Malls: Many shopping malls in Australia have kiosks or dedicated stores where you can buy gift cards for a variety of retailers and brands.

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