Types Of Gift Cards In Spain

Are you looking to get your loved ones a gift card for that special occasion and they reside in Spain? This has left you wondering, where what are the types of gift cards in Spain. This article is tailored to get you the best gift card option you can get in Spain, how to get them and where to get gift cards in Spain.

Types Of Gift Cards In Spain

  • El Corte Inglés Gift Card
  • Spanish Steam Gift Card
  • Zara Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Amazon Gift Card

1. El Corte Ingles Gift Card: is a very good choice when it comes to gift giving in Spain. The whole point of giving a gift is to give someone what you think they will like, With an El Corte Ingles gift card, you are giving the recipient the chance to choose the gift themselves. El Corte Ingles is the largest department store in Spain, with its headquarters in Madrid and retail stores all over Spain, the store offers an extensive array of clothing, home goods, electronics, and more.

By gifting someone an El Corte Ingles gift card, you have given them financial access to all items up for sale at various stores in Spain. You can select from denominations of €15, €25, €50, or €100, making it possible to customize the gift to match the recipient’s budget. Additionally, this gift card has the added benefit of never expiring, giving your recipient the freedom to use it at their own convenience.

Whether it’s clothing, jewellery, kitchen utensils, or any other item they fancy, the El Corte Inglés gift card gives them the freedom to choose. Plus, if they don’t spend the entire amount during their visit, you can be confident that the remaining balance will stay on the card, ready for their next enjoyable shopping spree.

2. Spanish Steam Gift Card: Steam is one of the most popular platforms among gaming enthusiasts around the world, Spain included. It is the leading digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, offering a vast collection of video games, downloadable content and software.

If the recipient is a Gen Z or a game enthusiast, a Steam gift card can be an ideal gift item cause of the value it offers to them. The gift card makes it easy for the recipient to load their Steam wallet with funds to buy games and purchase in-game downloadables.

3. Zara Gift Card: Founded in 1974, Zara is one of the world’s largest and most recognised fashion brands. Zara’s roots are deeply connected to Spain. It was founded in the region of Galicia, in the northwest part of Spain. The brand’s first store opened in the city of La Coruña. A Zara gift card is a great gift item for the fashionista in our life, Zara is widely known for its quality of design and its swift craftsmanship.

By giving a Zara gift card, you’re offering the recipient the freedom to choose from a wide range of options, including clothing, accessories, and footwear. Whether they have a special occasion in mind or simply need something for everyday comfort, Zara has a diverse selection to cater to all their fashion needs.

4. iTunes Gift Card: iTunes is one of the most popular gift cards in the world just because of the share market dominance of Apple products in the digital market. iTunes gift card is the official currency for Apple digital products, It can be used to purchase items like music, movies, apps, books, games and make in-app purchases on Apple devices.

These gift cards are available in both physical and digital formats, offering various denominations from $15 to $100. With an iTunes gift card, the recipient has the flexibility to purchase a wide array of content from the Spain iTunes store using any Apple device.

5. Amazon Gift Card: Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce platform in the world, and its gift card is one of the best and can be used across the world. With this gift card, the recipient will be able to buy products without physical cash or card transactions.

There is almost no commercial product that can’t be found on the Amazon store, electronics, clothing, books, audiobooks, mobile and desktop applications, automobile parts, clothing and much more.  The recipient can buy almost everything using the Amazon gift card

This card exists in physical and digital forms, with the denominations available in €10, €25, and €50.

Where To Buy Gift Card In Spain

Where you buy gift cards depends heavily on the type of gift card you want to buy. There are two major categories of gift cards, digital gift cards and physical gift cards.

Physical Gift Cards: You can buy this type of gift card at retail stores all over Spain. These gift cards are popular in supermarkets, department stores and sometimes electronic stores. You can also order gift cards from the retail store website and they will be delivered to your house or the gift recipient’s address directly, the ball is in your court.

Digital Gift Cards: These gift cards are exclusively designed for online purchases. The procedures are straightforward and may vary by brand. Following your purchase, you’ll receive an email with comprehensive gift card details within 24 hours.

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