How to redeem a Spotify gift card

How to redeem a Spotify gift card

One of the world’s most-used audio streaming platforms is Spotify. It provides a wide array of audio streaming services for music lovers. Spotify is used by over 300 million active streamers in different parts of the world and most of them use this platform for free. About 210 million people stream the latest music and other audios products for free on this platform, with over 150 million using the paid premium version.

To use Spotify’s premium paid package, users may need to pay for the service by choosing their preferred mode of payment. Credit cards, cash, debit cards, gift cards, etc. are various modes of paying for the premium plan on Spotify. The gift card option on Spotify is both a medium for payment and an amazing gift alternative for special occasions. Spotify gift cards can only be used to subscribe to the individual premium package. Other premium plans like; premium for students, premium duo, partner premium, and premium family can not be gotten using the Spotify gift card.

Beyond the free Spotify plan, there is also an offer for music lovers to enjoy a free trial for any of their favourite premium plans. It is a grave mistake to think that there is no difference between the free and premium Spotify plans. Users also enjoy access to over 50 million local and foreign songs while using the premium plan. Some other advantages like evading ads while listing to your music, premium quality audio, unlimited podcast, and music download are also available for premium users.

Free and premium Spotify is currently available and over 40 countries across the globe. According to reliable sources, they plan to expand to about 175 other countries in various countries and continents by the end of 2021. Spotify premium plan allows its users to stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, and also enjoy all these packages even when they leave their country to other countries. With all these exceptional offers, Spotify has become one of the best platforms to get audio lectures, music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio products, both for streaming and downloading.

If you have a problem choosing a gift for your friends on their special day, there is no need to worry about that. People can offer Spotify gift cards as a gift for people who love to listen to the latest jazz and pop in the industry. Recipients can use them to get all the products and services available on Spotify. Gift cards are generally issued by stores, businesses, websites, banks, and other financial service companies. The gift card issuer specifies the platforms and places where their card can be used to purchase and used to acquire stuff. Spotify allows the purchase of their gift cards on and selected physical stores.

how to redeem spotify gift card

Redeem your Spotify gift card

There are a few steps to redeeming a Spotify gift card. Firstly, gift card owners can only redeem their gift cards on and not on the Spotify app. If you are to gift out a Spotify gift card and or receive one from a friend, ensure that the card you are receiving matches with the currency on your Spotify account.

Since Spotify is available for various countries, it also takes record of the currencies of those countries. Senders and recipients should ensure that the currency on the account using the card is the same as that which is on the card. The following are steps to follow to redeem your gift card:

  • Log in to those that do not have a Spotify account, can easily create one with a few details by visiting
  • Scratch off the cover on the PIN at the back of the card
  • Enter the PIN at the back of the card or code from your receipt to the space provided
  • Then click Redeem and your card fund will be credited to your Spotify account wallet

For Spotify eGift cards, the process is a bit different. Check out the following steps to know how you can redeem your eGift card on the website.

  • Visit
  • Log in or create your Spotify account if you do not have one yet
  • Enter the eCard number and other details as requested 
  • Click redeem or enter code and all the money value of the card will be directly transferred to your Spotify wallet.

Types of Spotify cards

Spotify issues three different types of cards; physical plastic card, digital card, and subscription card. The physical plastic gift card is the regular one that people can buy, use and gift physically. Digital gift cards are otherwise known as eGift cards or eCodes, depending on the card issuer. For Spotify, it is called an eGift card. They are issued, used, and transferred digitally.

eGift Cards are a great alternative for regular gift-giving. Gift givers can send in their gifts even at the last minute with eGift cards. They are sent to the purchaser’s email address or whatever email address that the purchaser puts in while purchasing the card. Both physical plastic cards and eGift cards are denominated in the currency and amount bought by the card owner i.e. $100, $200, etc.

Dissimilar to gift cards and eGift cards, subscription cards are denominated in months of service. Instead of money value, they are in durations like 12-months, 6-months, and so on with monetary value as well.

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