How do I check my Nordstrom Gift Card Balance?

How do I check my Nordstrom Gift Card Balance?

How do I check my Nordstrom Gift Card Balance?

Looking for ways on how you can check your Nordstrom Gift Card balance? I’m elated to tell you that you are in the perfect place. Let me enlighten you though, on things you probably do not know prior to reading this article.

Nordstrom, Inc. is an American luxury departmental store chain. It was founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. It started as a shoe store and then evolved into a full-line retailer with departments for clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances, etc. Some Nordstrom stores may feature wedding departments, in-house cafes, restaurants, espresso bars among many others.

Nordstrom, was listed as No. 72 in Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2009. As at December 2013, the fashion trade magazine, Women’s Wear Daily reported Nordstrom as the top fashion retailer. 

It goes without even saying, with all that has been stated above, Nordstrom is a successful and popular company.

Now to the Nordstrom Gift Cards: They are non-reloadable prepaid gift cards issued by Nordstrom Inc to by all means provide a stress free method for consumers to purchase products. Convenience?, Relatively less bureaucracy?, Not waiting out long checkout lines at the mall? We would all love those.

Nordstrom Gift Cards offers two types of gift cards: the physical or plastic gift cards and the e-gift card (digital).

Therefore, Nordstrom Gift Cards can be used to purchase fashion items and accessories including everything-in-between at Nordstrom Stores in the United States (U.S), online at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack and as well as 

A Nordstrom Gift Card also does not expire or have monthly recurring fees

Let us steer into the point of discourse:

How to check your Nordstrom Gift Card Balance?

Of all things you should know and ensure you are conscious of about your Nordstrom Gift Card, Balance Checking is one of the most important. We all like to avoid awkward situations as much as we can. But then, visualise yourself that after picking up that nice Hermès handbag or Christian Dior shoe you set your eye on immediately you got in the store and finally just when you were about to make payment, already imagining how you would slay with it, your gift card gets declined. How tragic!.

This is why it is important and relevant to always monitor the balance on your Nordstrom Gift Card before every purchase. 

Fortunately, I will be sharing some tips on how you could check the balance on your Nordstrom Gift Card:

-Nordstrom Retail Stores: This is one conventional way you could know the amount left on your Nordstrom Gift Card. Basically, you visit any Nordstrom store around you and ask the cashier to help you check the balance.


We all love the easy-peasy way of things, don’t we not?. For this method you just visit the Gift Card Balance Checker on the Nordstrom website where:

  • You input the 16-digit gift card number.
  • Enter your Access Number or Code.
  • Click on  the “Check Balance” icon.

-Phone Call:

If you do not like any of the options above, you can as well put a call to Nordstrom Customer Support at 1-844-639-8924;

  1. When your call goes through, ask the customer support officer to check your gift card balance.
  2. Then provide them with the required correct information (PIN, 16-digit number, etc.)

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