Types Of Gift Cards In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom boasts one of the highest volumes of gift card transactions globally. Every year, these transactions amount to millions of pounds, and the market continues to grow. Projections indicate that an increasing number of businesses are embracing the gift card model to better cater to their customers.

Types Of Gift Cards In The UK

1. Physical Gift Card

A physical gift card is a tangible, physical card that typically contains a prepaid amount of money or credit for use at a specific store, brand, or service provider. Physical gift cards are often made of plastic or cardboard and come with a unique code or magnetic stripe that is scanned or entered at the point of sale to deduct the value of the purchase from the card’s balance.

You will always find the Apple logo on its physical gift card when you get one. This type of gift card is becoming obsolete as users now prefer the ease that comes with using digital / e-gift cards.

Examples of physical gift cards in the UK;

  • Amazon gift card
  • Cineworld gift card
  • Tunes gift card
  • Nando’s gift card
  • John Lewis gift card
  • Tesco gift card
  • Argos gift card
  • Steam gift card

2. Digital Gift Card

A digital gift card, often referred to as an e-gift card or electronic gift card, is a virtual or digital version of a physical gift card. You can get this type of gift card from both physical and online merchants.

Digital gift cards have gained popularity for their convenience, speed, and versatility, especially in an era of online shopping and mobile payments. They offer a convenient way to send gifts, rewards, or incentives to recipients while allowing them the freedom to choose what they want to purchase.

Examples of digital gift cards in the UK;

  • Amazon E-gift card
  • Google Play e-gift card
  • Steam digital gift card
  • Spotify e-gift card
  • Netflix e-gift card
  • PlayStation Network (PSN) gift card
  • H&M gift card
  • Uber gift card

3. Prepaid Debit Cards

This is are gift card that works just like a debit card. They are accepted everywhere that debit cards can be used and they are reloadable. They are sometimes referred to as Open-loop gift cards. Here are some examples of prepaid debit cards;

  • The Vanilla Card
  • The One4all Card
  • The Paysafe Card
  • Revolut Prepaid card
  • Cashplus Prepaid Card

How To Sell UK Gift Cards In Nigeria 

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How Much Is a UK Steam Gift Card In Naira?

The current exchange rate for a UK Steam gift card on Giftcards Hub is NGN 830/£ and NGN 700/£ for the digital card/e-code. Hence, a £100 UK Steam card is NGN 83,000 for the physical card and NGN 70,000 for the e-code on our platform. You can get the current rate on the rate calculator.

How Much Is a UK Amazon Gift Card In Naira?

There are two types of UK Amazon gift cards you can sell on Giftcards Hub, Cash receipt and Debit receipt gift card. The UK Amazon cash receipt is currently trading at NGN 440/£, while the Debit receipt goes for NGN 480/£.

Hence a £100 UK Amazon debit receipt gift card is valued at NGN 48,000 while a cash receipt gift card is valued at NGN 44,000. Rates are subject to changes, confirm the prevailing rate using the rate calculator.

How Much Is a UK iTunes Gift Card In Naira?

According to the rate calculator on Giftcards Hub, the UK iTunes gift card is traded at NGN 470/£. Hence a £200 iTunes gift card goes for NGN 94,000 on the platform. 

Trading gift cards on Giftcards Hub is easy and seamless, follow the steps below to do just that;

  • Create an account with your correct credentials or just log in if you are an existing user.
  • Click on “Trade Now” on your account dashboard and select the type of gift card you want to trade.
  • Enter the Amount in dollars. The rate calculator will give you the naira value instantly.
  • Proceed to “place order” by providing the necessary information relating to the gift card.
  • Set up your wallet by providing your bank details. This is to aid withdrawal to your account.
  • Funds will be sent to your wallet after the authenticity of your gift card is confirmed. This process normally takes just a few minutes.
  • Transfer funds to your bank account through the withdrawal interface.