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Popular Gift cards in 2021

6 Popular Gift cards in 2021;

Gift cards are easy ways to gift your loved ones. It saves you the stress of having to go to a physical store to shop or the stress of having to worry about getting the perfect gift. Gift cards are popular based on their demands and the number of things they can purchase.

Gifting Gift cards is a modern way of spicing up your gifting game. They are available both physically and digitally(e-codes). Physical ones are hard copies that can be redeemed in the physical store of the issuer. While e-codes are sent to the email of the purchaser. Different companies see gift cards as a strategy for driving sales. For example; Sephora, a popular store for cosmetics and beauty product have gift cards. This makes it easy to present a gift to your female friend or lover when you don’t know exactly which product is their favorite.

Gift cards can also be redeemed for cash when you don’t need them. Gift cards hub is one of the best platforms on which you can redeem gift cards to cash.

Here are some of the popular gift cards you should know.

Amazon Gift card;

popular gift cards in 2021
  • Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce stores in the world. On Amazon, you can get almost anything( Clothes, baby products, home appliances, electronics, home beddings, computer accessories, etc). Amazon gift card ranges from $5 to $2000. They are not reloadable and are reusable. You can have a $500 amazon gift card and use it two or three times depending on if the item you want to purchase corresponds with your gift card balance. Amazon gift card is also available as e-codes. They do not expire. Another popular eCommerce store is eBay. Click here to learn more about Amazon gift cards.

Sephora Gift Card;

  • Sephora is also one of the biggest outlets for beauty and personal care products like cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, lotions, etc. Sephora is the perfect store when considering getting a gift for a female friend or relative. The gift card ranges from as low as $10 to as high as $500. Sephora gift cards are available as physical cards and e-codes. You can check out Sephora website for amazing beauty products. Click here to know more about Sephora gift cards.

Xbox Gift card;

  •   Xbox is one of the biggest gaming brands in the world owned and managed by Microsoft. Xbox was launched in 2001 and has been making waves in the gaming world since then. Xbox offers both physical and digital codes. Xbox comprises five gaming consoles, an online video streaming service(Xbox network), and a game application. Another popular gaming gift card is the Steam gift card.

Nike Gift card;

  • Nike is a popular multinational organization that deals with the design, development, and manufacturing of apparel, footwear, accessories, and offer services. Nike is the world’s biggest manufacturer and supplier of sports equipment, athletic shoes, and apparel. According to Wikipedia, in 2020, Nike was valued at over $32 Billion making it the most valuable sports brand among businesses. Nike gift cards are available physically and digitally (e-codes). They are reloadable and do not expire. If you are considering the best gift card for a sportsman or a sports fan or an athlete, a Nike gift card is your best bet.

Netflix Gift card;

  • Netflix is a top American-based platform that provides subscription-based streaming services for films, television series, etc. Netflix is popular among movie lovers! Like every other gift card, the Netflix gift card is available as a physical card and e-code. They are not refundable and they do not expire. You can keep streaming movies on Netflix until your subscription runs out.

Spotify Gift card;

  • Spotify is one of the largest audio streaming platforms. Spotify has about 400 million monthly active users. They have about 90 million records and songs licensed by owners across the world. Spotify subscription allows you to listen to songs and download music from the platform. Spotify gift cards are different from Spotify subscriptions. Spotify gift cards are non-refundable and do not expire.

Gift cards hub remains the best platform to redeem all your gift cards for cash. You need 3 simple steps to trading your gift cards for cash  

Step 1 ) Log in to your Gift card hub account or register if you are a new user

Step 2)  Select the gift you want to sell

Step 3 ) Wait till your card is confirmed and receive your payment.